This has been formulated after years of research under the surveillance of ayurvedic experts using balanced Indian herbs in accordance with set norms. The herbs through which it has been developed have diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, and antimicrobial properties. Hence, taking this syrup will normalize the urine pH and relieves the burning micturition. This product is 100% natural and it’s safe to use and has no side effects. 

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With the help of our special experts and employees, we are able to produce our product, that helps you with a urine infection, and keeps you safe. This product is tested and officially approved by the scientist. This product will help you remove stones from the body and keep your kidney safe and strong. Bladder infections are the most common type of infection that can be very dangerous for your health, This Urine Care Syrup can remove the infection keep you safe from any kind of infection and bacteria. Urine Care Syrup can make the urine less acidic.

You can take the syrup easily with water. But you can consult the doctor before, having this syrup. Although this product is 100% safe, natural, and made by organic elements, the doctor tells you the dose how much you can take it according to your problem. You can Order now this product from VedicMonks and get the best deals. Shop now and keep your body healthy. Get free shopping on this product.