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Gemstone are pieces of compressed minerals retrieved from the core of the earth or sea beds which have powerful healing properties. Gemstones are naturally formed in due course of time from various compounds, elements etcs. That is how they possess the natural powers of the elements and help to have different characteristics be enlightened within self. If gemstones are rightfully activated and used, it can help boost energy, clean away negativity, attract wealth, enhance intuition, increase mental abilities, boost confidence, bring abundance, attract love and many more depending on the type and pattern of the gemstone. 

These have been extensively mentioned in Vedas to be used in this and upcoming generations. They will be used in various forms, like healing, fashion, positivity, erasing negativity etc. We have a team of Vedic Scholars who are expert researchers in this segment to help seekers like you understand the correct use as per your required outcome. If you use the right gemstone with an expert guidance can help you to power your mind and generate mindful strength for the right action. It is also recommended to not use any gemstone without any consultation from a Vedic Practitioner or Vedic Coach. Gemstone can have adverse effects if the possessed element is not compatible with your aura or energy. Thus, you need extra care on what and how you are using it. Please remember there are many gemstones which are used as jewellery, those also needs consultation if you can possess them as per your planetary position and aura. Any and Every Gemstone needs to be understood before wearing it, even if it is a jewellery needs to be activated to power you rightful and bring Positivity, Prosperity, and Power.


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