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If you all know that India or Hindustan was the first to derive ‘Zero’ which was the inception of the numericals. We have formulated the numerical system to overall benefit as a community and encourage orientation to evolve connected to the celestial. It is mentioned in Vedas that each number has a spiritual value attached to it. Each number has a symbolic meaning in an individual’s life. This numerical value can be derived from the date of birth, name, organisation name, and at times family members date of birth and name to get to the root number. 

When you reach this root number by adding each digit until you reach a single digit number, which is your individual Life Path Number.  Each and every personality is defined by this Life Path Number including their life purpose. Thus when you find your life purpose it is best to overcome any challenges, tendencies, and obstacles during your lifetime. This is one of the best ways to structure your path to enlightenment and establish life achievement. But, it is best to consult a Vedic Scholar or Practitioner to have the best guidance and define your purpose for life. Please do not try this to do yourself through online videos which can have fatal and irreparable damage. It is necessary to understand the format, know the patterns and gain the analysis from a practitioner who has been an expert. Otherwise, we also help seeking individuals to gain knowledge and be a learner first before implementing anything as an expert.


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