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As the word is in Sanskrit which comes from the words, ‘Maan’ which means Mind in Sanskrit and ‘Tra’ which comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Trayate’ which means ‘To Liberate.’ So, it is through chanting these sacred utterances, these numinous sounds as developed by the Sage of ancient Hindustan you can liberate your mind to attain your desired positivity. If the process is guided through Vedic Practitioners then you can have the actual result. Mantras have religious, magical or spiritual powers, these ritual patterns have to be performed exactly in the same verse as guided by your Vedic Scholar or Practitioner for best results.

As per Vedas and its scientific evidence, there is a tough but strong way of uplifting the positive tide within self. Since ancient times people have used forms of words in a particular way for healing and activating positivity. Mantras are short, positivity activated phases which carry a ruling vibration to liberate your mind and soul. And, thus making the body to perform rightful actions and bring desired results. But it is not as easy as said or mentioned, it must be formulated only after analysing an individual’s horoscope and their scope of daily practice. Mantras have different forms and patterns, but are all very powerful only if practised wholeheartedly and chanted with a clear mind. The dedication of your chant creates a positive vibration which will bring peace of mind, please your soul and satisfy your body. It is always recommended to perform or practise Mantra Ritual only after understanding an  individual’s format of planetary positions, their professional area and level of positivity.


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