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As you might know, there is an alignment of the stars and other elements of the cosmos during your birth which has a significant role in determining the direction you are destined. You have the power to alter your negative path if only you have the knowledge and awareness. Indeed, today even the simplest of choices can turn your world upside down. Lot of it can be eliminated through actions, rituals and repeating these patterns. But, many times it has been observed on establishing additional power with gemstone and crystals to structure the success path.

 It is an established theory that gemstones with its natural elements have powered individuals to ascertain growth and achieve success. We suggest everyone should know about their birthstones, its significance in your horoscope and other aspects of positivity it stores for a respective individual. Birthstones as those termed in modern science for ‘Gemstones and Crystals’ can drive immense value on each horoscope depending on its colour, type, pattern, and individual’s birth timing. A lot many times we see people giving crystals and stones to their loved ones can have adverse effects. It is important to know which stones and crystals symbolise your fortune analogy. As Birthstones are part of modern society, their usage should be under the able guidance of a Vedic Scholar or Vedic Practitioner. Only then it can have widespread positivity and be your symbol of wellness and good fortune.


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