A pure copper Kada is very beneficial for health. Wearing copper bracelets has been considered to have therapeutic effects on the human body. Copper fights with all kinds of negativity and makes the wearer very positive. Pure copper has several functions that fill the wearer with a high aura.

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Pure copper is very useful and beneficial for the wearer’s health. It keeps away all the negativity and attracts positivity. It improves immunity and it is claimed by the doctor, and scientists, that it can protect us from the coronavirus. It also gives relief to joint pain. After wearing the Tamba (Copper) Kada the wearer’s hands stabilize the body and provide the fundamental support of Sadhana or spiritual practices. Copper is a good way to take the minerals needed to the body. The Kada is handmade to retain the maximum spiritual power of the bracelet. It is comfortable for all.

Our Tamba (Copper) Kada is made of original copper and is all handmade to keep the spiritual power maintained. This Tamba (Copper) Kada is a good thing to be wear in hand as you take the mineral from it according to the body limit from the Kada. This Tamba (Copper) Kada is made with 100% copper and nothing can be added to it. The copper is real, you can’t take the copper from the Kada. Buy this amazing Kada from VedicMonks and get the best deals & free shipping.