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Aquarius and Libra: Intimacy, Love, and Life Compatibility

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In astrology, the Aquarius and Libra compatibility can be quite marvelous as they both share common interests, or develop an interest in each other’s likings.

Aquarius zodiac sign is characterized by its idealistic, unique, and intelligent nature. Such persons are open-minded, charming, and progressive individuals. This sun sign is represented by the water bearer symbol. Libra’s zodiac sign is characterized by its steadfast, balanced, and loyal nature. Such persons will first, consider all aspects before jumping to making final decisions. This sun sign is represented by the scales symbol that is meant for balancing things.

If your sun sign is Aquarius and your partner is Libra, and vice versa, will you both make a good match in life and also with other things? Perhaps, this is an important question which many people may have in mind and seek answers to. Most people will know the significance of astrology and how it determines the events and lives of each person.

Here, we are going to do a compatibility check between Aquarius and Leo zodiac signs and find out if these sun signs will be a better match or not.

Know-How Compatible Are Aquarius and Libra Zodiac Signs

Aquarius sun sign is a period that falls on each calendar year from the 20th of January till the 18th of February. In other words, persons that are or were born between these calendar days are called Aquarius. Their ruling planet is Uranus, and they are influenced by the air element.

On the other hand, the Libra sun sign is a period that falls on each calendar year from the 23rd of September till the 22nd of October. Here as well, persons that are or were born between these calendar days are called Libra. Their ruling planet is Venus, and they as well, are influenced by the same air element.

The Aquarius and Libra pair’s relationship will mostly be determined by their emotional attachment and communication. However, the problem with this relationship usually occurs when either partner becomes emotionally very dependent on the other. Also, this may lead to other problems when either partner finds it very easy to attach to one another. So, this is something that the duo will find very difficult to cope with. As a result, instead of accepting him or her, you may possibly shed off the person, and this could affect your trust toward your partner. Therefore, for you to have a relationship together, you will need to erase the insecurities that you and your partner could have. But, chances, are, your insecurities will usually coincide very well with your partner. The duo will find it simple to be righteous to each other and without any fear of being rejected.

The relationship between both Aquarius and Libra partners has a set of images to maintain as well. While your partner may want to look nice and act nice for people to praise him or her, you would want to go in the opposite direction than everyone else does. Aside from this, both partners will find it very easy to engage with each other by having good communication. However, the duo will always be too stiff on their convictions. It is the case that the pair will find it quite hard to change each other’s minds once such thoughts are set deep within.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility in Emotions

In the love and emotion compatibility between Aquarius and Libra sun signs, they have an innate ability to understand each other pretty well in the relationship. However, this pair can be practical enough to take things slow in the first few phases of the relationship and to give each other the time and space in order to know more about one another.

Libra is often, attracted towards their Aquarius partner simply because of their ambitions and dedication to almost everything they do. As for Aquarius, they are attracted towards their Libra partner by their intellectual approach and also, having an unbiased attitude. Thus, Libra’s non-judgemental nature is one quality that fits right into their Aquarius partner’s outlook on life. In addition, both partners will help each other to grow from the outset and will set up a unique foundation of mutual trust to build their love relationship.

Both partners will give their all to starting and sustaining their relationship with each other while investing time and effort in understanding and respecting each other’s perspectives on different things in life. In addition, both partners are quietly passionate about change in society and if they partner up, they are likely to encourage each other to do so. Aquarius and Libra partners will work together in becoming the provenance of motivation for each other.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility in Intimacy

The sex compatibility between the Aquarius and Libra pair could be liberating for one partner, but it will be a challenge for the other one. It is the case that you will be the one to dispute for your partner to be well suited for you. It is also the case that the Aquarius and Libra partners may tend to become too independent with regard to displaying each other’s sexual and intense emotions to one another.

This pair will always cope with each other and have different approaches to each other’s opinions. It is also the case that the duo will live their lives for each other in order to consistently search for freedom. Both Aquarius and Libra partners will also find it very easy to run away from taboos or any form of restriction. The duo will not find it challenging to easily forget other people, especially when they both are engaged in an intimate relationship.

If both partners combine each other’s intimate feelings to express their sexuality, the problem of one partner’s nature could be a concern for people around them. It is the case that you will, however, go to the extreme in the state of intimacy. You will find a way of showing the deep sexual powers when the both of you engage with each other in a sexual relationship. The duo, however, may have a fear of being judged by other people and also, in being seen as non-sexual persons. As a result of this, you may find it very easy to show your love and sexuality in spite of what opinions other people have of you.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility in Life as Soulmates

Although, it will be strange that the Aquarius and Libra zodiac signs could harmonize on different emotional views in order to form a strong relationship faster than anyone could imagine. However, one of the main obstacles that could come in their way most of the time is marriage. It is the case that it will be a relationship between two different people of which one embraces attachment while the other doesn’t. This is something that this pair will need to work out in order to give in to the relationship. If both the partners work hard on this, they could establish a firm emotional bond with each other.

Additionally, your motivation toward avoiding unnecessary conflicts when put together with a love for intellectual freedom could be the reason for your partner’s lack of making prompt decisions. It is thus, the case that you will always find it very easy to make decisions for your partner simply because your partner may have an indecisive heart. Apart from this, you will always step in first to figure out why your partner does things in a rather strange way. When your partner is lost regarding direction, you will always jump in yourself and show him or her the way. You are always like a guide for your partner in this life compatibility as soulmates forever.

This Aquarius and Libra relationship is always concerned with the betterment of society. It is the case that you are the most progressive person of the zodiac, while your partner is like a mediator in the zodiac. In addition to this, while you may deal with a lot of ideas that could bring about the goodness of society, your partner will ensure that peace rules above all. Furthermore, you will always come up with different ideas to work on, and these ideas will bring a lot of goodness to the world as well. If there is one thing your partner hates the most, it is enmity. Thus, your partner will find it a joy to remain peaceful at all times with you.


Aquarius and Libra Zodiac Signs Compatibility

The compatibility between the Aquarius and Libra pair is on the high and their ability to understand each other is also quite extraordinary. Their common element, which is air, helps them find a middle ground and keeps them bonded to each other on an almost visceral level. The erratic nature of their Aquarius partner’s behavior combines well with Libra’s even-tempered nature. Thus, the relationship between this pair will help the duo to bring the best in each other, while also being able to curb one another’s negative qualities.

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