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Feeling frustrated in life? Don’t lose hope. Astrology can help you climb the ladder of success in your life. Astrology has been around for thousands of years, but in the past few decades, it is experiencing a surge in popularity.

More and more people are using Astrology as a tool to predict their future, judge their relationship compatibility, and make important life decisions. Astrology can help you find your passion. It can help you get control of your life.

But finding a real practitioner who is expert as well as certified is difficult work to do. Luckily, you have landed on the right page, as here in this article, we are mentioning some of the best astrologers who are providing their services in Dallas, USA.

Best Astrologer In Dallas

1. Vedic Realms

Vedic Realms
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Vedic realms was established in Washington, USA. They also provide their services in Dallas. People seek advice from their expert astrologers. They have a team of the most reputed and experienced team of astrologers. Their main goal is to uplift the lives of people with the help of astrology. They have expertise in Marriage Counselling, Horoscope Analysis, Gemstone Analysis, Career counseling, Mantra Solution, Puja shakti, and Vedic Astrology. They also provide a wide range of Gemstones, Healing Crystals, Idols, Birthstone, Rudraksha Mala, and many more.

2. Vedic Monks

Vedic Monks
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Vedic Monks is very famous in the astrology field. It is counted as one of the best astrological companies in the USA. They have a team of experienced & certified astrologers. Vedic Monks has one of the best and most accurate readers. They can solve your problem with ease, you can trust them with their service. They have the best astrological remedies to Resolve all your problems. They also have a service in which you can chat with the best online Astro consultants in the USA for personalized predictions. They provide services like Palmistry, Numerology Consultation, Online Puja, Horoscope Analysis, and Vedic Astrology.

3. Britten Larue

Britten Larue
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Britten Larue is one of the best astrologers that you can find in Dallas. She has been providing his services for many years. She can give you reliable remedies to overcome your issues. Britten is an expert in astrology and tarot reading. She has completed his BA from Northwestern University in communication studies. Later Britten Larue completed his MA in Ats History. Larue has been teaching University art history for 7 Years and now she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Aesthetic Studies. Larue provides services like astrology, meditation, tarot, energy work.

4. Sofia Adler

Sofia Adler
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She is a professional astrologer, Sofia Adler has completed BA from Colgate University in Sociology and holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She is a trained coach from the University of Columbia, certified astrologer, and meditation teacher. If you are facing a problem like Negative thoughts, doubt about career choices, relationship problems. You can definitively consult Sofia Alder, she is an expert in these fields. Sessions with Sofia Adler will help you understand your special talents and gifts. It can help you give direction to your life and help you find your career path. You can get the best relationship advice from him.

5. Agastya Ramnath Ji

Agastya Ramnath ji
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He is a renowned Vedic astrologer, Agastya Ramnath Ji has more than 15 years of experience in astrology. He is an expert in Kundali Matching, solving relationships, career, business problems. People come to take the advice of Agastya Ramnath Ji when they feel in their life and want to give the right direction to their life. Because of his expertise, he gains popularity in Dallas in a very short period of time. Whether you are facing marriage & relationship problems or have the influence of bad energy in your life he is the person that can solve your problems. If you are interested and want to solve your problem, you can definitely consult him.

6. Guru Ji Narender Sharma

Guru Ji Narender Sharma
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Guru Ji Narender Sharma is an expert astrologer, Guruji has more than 25 years of experience. Now Guru Ji is providing his services in Dallas. He is an expert in Black magic removal, Spiritual healing, Horoscope reading, Face Reading, Palm Reading, and relationship problems. If you are looking for an astrologer in Dallas then you can definitely consider him. He provides services like complete prediction, marriage & compatibility, health outlook, career forecast, prosperity & wealth, children matters, etc.

7. Psychic Ramnath

Psychic Ramnath
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Psychic Ramnath is a team of Indian astrologers, they are providing their astrological services in Dallas for many years. They are experts in Nadi Astrology, shell Reading, kundalini Reading, and Palm Reading. They provide services like goddesses, education problem solutions, financial problem solutions, Psychic reading. Their services are available from Monday to Friday. For some, this can be problematic but it’s better to consult an expert to solve your problem.

8. Astro RamJi

Astro Ramji
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Astro Ramji is a very famous astrologer in Dallas, In the USA he is counted as one of the best astrologers. He is an expert in numerologist, Palm Reader, Vashikaran Specialist. If you are facing a family problem or want to bring back lost love Astro Ramji is the good choice for you. They provide services like Black magic removal and protection, Business problem solution, Evil spirit removal, relationship & Marriage problem solution, Bad luck removal, Negative energy removal, and many more. If you want to consult an astrologer this might be the best choice for you.

9. Tulsi Das

Tulsi Das
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Tulsi das is counted as one of the best Astrologers and psychic readers. He has experience of more than 24 years in Vedic astrology. Tulsi Das is an expert in the birth chart, Varshaphal, predictive dasa, Prashna, Electional astrology, etc. He provides services like palm reading, black magic removal, psychic reader, spiritual healer, love spell problem, and many more. They also have multiple pujas reading Lord Ganesh puja, Lakshmi puja, hanuman puja, Durga maa puja, kali maa puja, etc. If you are interested in what they are offering you can definitely consult them.

10. Astro Krishna Ji

Astro Krishna Ji
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Pandit Krishna is a popular Indian astrologer in the USA, they have 4 decades of experience in astrology. Astro Krishna Ji also runs Durga Matha Astrologer & Psychic center in the USA which is very popular in the USA. He is an expert in face reading, palm reading, and horoscope reading. Krishna Ji provides consultation for family problems, education, love problem, evil eye issue, health issue, Vastu consultations, finances, special pooja, etc. If you want to protect your house, black magic removal, curse removal then you can consult Astro Krishna Ji.

11. Megan Benanti

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Megan Benanti started her astrology career in 2000 and her specialty is a psychic and intuitive card reader. Since childhood he is a nature and animal lover, he spent a lot of time with nature but some incidents made him interested in astrology and now he is the newest astrologer in Dallas. Prior to Dallas, she serves Texas, and now with more than 20 years of experience helping those in need with her divine talent. Ms. Benanti has helped thousands of people over the years and has now started her own business where she teaches and serves.

12. Calvin Witcher

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Calvin Vicher is a world-famous astrologer. He is not only famous for his astrology, but he is also the author of the famous book on business “The Better Business Book”. He gained his popularity through Success Magazine, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon. His products and programs were showcased on these platforms and millions of people were inspired by him and his services. Calvin Witcher offers face-to-face sessions of his teachings through executive lie coaching, spiritual counseling, and holistic counseling.

13. Mystic Kathryn & Associates

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Mystic Kathryn & Associates are well-known personalities in Dallas and they are also rated by D Magazine as a top attraction. They have a team of talented personalities and they do all kinds of astrology such as Palm reading, Tarot reading, Cartomancy, Crystal stone, Face reading, Seances, Handwriting analysis, Strolling fortune, Fortune telling, Dream analysis, Crystal ball, Psychic reading, Tea leaf and lots of other things. They are doing all the practices for over 18 years. Join her to know your past, present, and future in a fun way.

14. Dustin Dean Mentalist

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Dustin Dean Mentalist is a popular personality in Dallas. He has 50k+ followers with over 50 million views on social media platforms including TikTok. Mr. Dean is an honor-winning mentalist that has flabbergasted millions across the world with his mind-reading and natural capacities. He is known for replicating Psychic and Supernatural Abilities utilizing a blend of different genuine strategies including brain research, skillful deception, and confusion. He utilizes those accurate procedures to anticipate his crowds’ activities, reach inside their brains, and read their thoughts.

15. Psychic Vibe Plano


Since 2000, Psychic Vibe has been doing astrology and helping you discover the infinite possibilities of the future. If you are depressed and stressed about your love, work, home or spirituality, you can turn to Psychic Vibe for counseling support. He has experience in Herbs, Divine Spiritual Counseling, Reading & Healing Life Coaching, Feng Shui Channeling, Dream Interpretation, Tarot Reading, Art of Rune Stone, Crystal Healing, Crystal Ball Reading, Chakra Energy Balancing Astrology and Numerology. He has been doing all the exercises since the age of only 14. He is a great astrologer in Dallas.

How To Choose A Professional Astrologer?

In the year 2022, almost everyone is giving their interest in astrology, especially after COVID, and as per the interest, there will come a time when you will start or consider any particular astrologer. It is a part of human behavior and also curiosity. Most astrologers consider themselves to be professionals and conduct themselves as such. If you are interested in astrology and ready to go to an astrologer but you have no idea about how to choose a professional astrologer, then I am here and I will guide you to choose a professional astrologer.

Do Your homework

At the first step, you should understand the difference between professionalism and specialty. This means, astrology has lots of different practices and exercises and one astrologer could be an expert of 1 or 2 or in some cases that could be 3 practices, so you have decided what is your basic need and why you need astrological counseling.

At the second step, as per your requirement categorize astrologers and make a list or you can get a referral from someone whose judgment you trust. You can also check our popular websites and astrology service categories that make it easy for you.

At the third step, call your local astrological organization or website’s customer services to know more information about their services, appointments, booking charges, and how many approximate seasons are required to get the best result, however, it depends on you but still, you get the idea of the seasons.

At the fourth step, create a list of astrologers on the basis of their services, experience, reviews, consultation charge, per season charge, their remedies, and most importantly your budget that how much you can spend on astrological seasons. After that, you have to choose the best as per your need from the list you created.

Before an appointment, you might need to email or call the astrologer or their agency and talk with them clearly about your problem before booking a meeting. Ask them about your inquiries. Does your problems or inquiry fit inside their specialty region? Do they have somebody they can refer you to on the off chance that your requirements don’t match their range of abilities? Most importantly, do you feel open to chatting with them? The best astrology meetings are those where you are able to share your problems with the astrologer. Search together to track down the ideal answers for you. Be that as it may, at last, you should make a choice about how to manage the information.


If your life is not going on the right path and want to give it the right direction. Then Astrological consultation might be the best chance to identify important remedies or gemstones to make life better.

If you live in Dallas and want to consult an expert astrologer above we mention a list of the top 10 astrologers in Dallas. Talk with one of them, and get an instant solution.

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