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Many best astrologer in Ahmedabad says, people need astrological help and guidance but they didn’t find the right astrologer according to their need. Today I am going to discuss the top 10 best astrologers in Ahmedabad who are expert in astrology, gives you proper guidance, and helps you to remove all the negativity from your life. 

These astrologers are well experienced and well-known personalities. They spend years practicing all the exercises of astrology and secure millions of life with this amazing knowledge of ancient scripture. Let’s understand, why we need astrological support in our life and why it plays an important role in our life.

There are 2 kinds of astrology followed by the most people in the world “Vedic astrology” and “Western astrology”. Many countries in the world follow Vedic astrology such as America, India, England, and more. Western astrology and Vedic astrology are very different, we’ll discuss that in another blog but India flows only Vedic astrology which is more accurate and work on the current time, the position of planets, and their rotational degree.

Vedic astrology started thousands of years ago; approx 10 thousand years ago. For the last 3 decades, Vedic astrology gained too much popularity all over the world. Vedic astrology describes the events of your life from birth to death. Astrologers help you to remove life hurdles and improve your life by implementing some easy measures and remedies.

So without delay let’s start our blog Top 10 best astrologer in Ahmedabad.

Top 10 Best Astrologer in Ahmedabad

  • Pandit Ganesh Maharaj
  • Ashwin Trivedi
  • Priyal Shah
  • Rajesh Joshi
  • Sanjeev Trivedi
  • Kapil Shastri
  • Vedicgrace
  • Dr. Kartick Chakarborty
  • Anilastrologer
  • Saraswati Jyotish Centre

#1. Pandit Ganesh Maharaj

Pandit Ganesh Maharaj
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One of the best astrologers in Ahmedabad – Pandit Ganesh Maharaj known for his Vashikaran specialty. With his specialty, he is popular in many countries too like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Dubai. With 100000+ followers he become the most popular individual astrologer in India. His services are Astrology reading, Psychic reading, Tarot reading, and a Motivational speaker.

#2. Ashwin Trivedi

Ashwin Trivedi
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Ashwin Trivedi is one of the topmost demanding best astrologers in Ahmedabad. Millions of people follow him and his astrology program daily. He has their own show Astro Guru Ji on News Gujrat. Expert in Astrology, Face Reading, Kundli, Dosha Nirvana Pt. Ashwin Trivedi gives expert advice for any kind of problem. Over 30 years of experience he ranked in the list of top 10 best astrologers in Ahmedabad.

3. Priyal Shah

Priyal Shah
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A very popular and demanding astrologer Priyal Shah known for his Numerology, Vaastu-Shastra, and Horoscope Readings. He becomes one of the best astrologer in Ahmedabad due to his dedication and over 12 years of experience. He studied astrology and completed Acharya Degree from the very reputed university of Gujrat. He has their own astrology show on GSTV Gujarati News and Nirman TV.

#4. Rajesh Joshi

Rajesh Joshi
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A well-behaved and experienced consultant Rajesh Joshi is the best astrologer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His massive experience of 40 years is appreciable and indescribable. He guide thousands of people over the past 40 years. He offered services like Marriage Issues, Career Issues, Kundli Matching, Business Issues, Husband-Wife Disputes, and other services too.

#5. Sanjeev Trivedi

Sanjeev Trivedi
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A very famous astrologer in Ahmedabad Mr. Sanjeev Trivedi is one of the most successful astrologer in Gujarat. M.Sc, MBA, and Ph.D. holder Sanjeev Trivedi passionated about astrology and after his Ph.D. he completed Vaastu Ratna and Jyotish Bhushan. With millions of followers, he is an expert in Vedic astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Vaastu, and Palmistry.

#6. Kapil Shastri

Kapil Shastri
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Kapil Shastri is a renowned best astrologer in Ahmedabad. He develops his senses and become a very famous “Sixth Sense Astrologer” in Ahmedabad. With the experience of 5 years, he provides services like Horoscope, Vastu Services, Vedic astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, and more. Mr. Shastri’s predictions are very accurate and his remedies cured thousands of people in the last five years.

#7. Vedicgrace

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Vedicgrace has one of the best astrologer in Ahmedabad. Vedicgrace is an astrology service provider and they have more than 100 astrologers all over India. They conduct calls and book appointments with famous astrologers. They providing astrology services since 2006 and now they have 2M+ clients all over India. Service they provide is Horoscope analysis, Birth chart reading, Numerology, Gemstone, etc.

#8. Dr. Kartick Chakarborty

Dr. Kartick Chakarborty
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Dr. Kartick Chakarborty is very famous and counted on the list of best astrologers in Ahmedabad. He is an astrologer, a counselor, a motivational speaker, and a consultant. Over the experience of 10 years, he gained his astrological knowledge and help thousands of people in many cities of India. He has a very famous personality on his client’s list. The services he provides are Career, Marriage, Education, Legal problem, Business, Love affairs, Vaastu problems, and other services.

#9. Anilastrologer

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One of the most renowned and popular astrologers in Ahmedabad is “Anilastrologer”. Anilastrologer is counted on the list of top 10 best astrologers in Ahmedabad. He provides astrological services for the last 15 years and with his experience 15 years, he helped more than 10k people and couples. His expertise is Horoscope Reading, Palm Reading, Numerology, Face Reading, etc.

#10. Saraswati Jyotish Centre

Saraswati Jyotish Centre
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Saraswati Jyotish Centre is established by Mr. K.S Paras. He is attached to and inspired by many Sages (Rishi/Guru). He started Saraswati Jyotish Centre to give good and moral values of our ancient history. Now Saraswati Jyotish Centre helps thousands of people every year, they provide guidance about Lalkitab Varshphal, Yantra, Match Making, Santana Sukh, Love Marriage, and more.


India is the place from where Vedic astrology originated and is now popular all over the world. There are many top-class astrologers in India but in this session, I have discussed the top 10 astrologers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. All the mentioned astrologers are very good in the field of astrology and cured millions of people in their life. They help you to find the right path in your life. They help you to get the best at your own capabilities. If you are looking for an astrologer you can try any of them, they all are the best in the field of astrology.

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