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Top 15 Best Astrologer in USA New Jersey, NJ in 2022

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New Jersey, the diner capital of the world, is located in the northeastern part of the United States. Here in this article, we will be exploring the list of some well-known astrologers currently providing their astrology services in New Jersey. So, if you are currently residing in New Jersey, and want to get genuine astrology consultation services, this list is surely a gemstone for you.

We all experience difficult times in our lives, when we feel, there is no good happening in our life. Or we can say that we have lost direction in our life. If this is your situation, you should definitely take the services of top astrologers and numerologists. They guide you by solving your life problems with a simple solution. It helps you to make big decisions in your life. Astrology can give purpose to your life and give mental peace.

Let’s not waste more time and straight get into the list of the top 15 astrologers in New Jersey, USA. They are the best in their field and can solve your problem with ease.

Top Astrologer in New Jersey

1. Vedic Realms

Vedic Realms
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Vedic Realm is a team of expert astrologers, with experience of more than 24 years. They provide the most accurate astrological reading on the internet. It includes more than 125 astrologers in its team. They are experts in Career counselling, Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling, Horoscope reading, Mantra solution, etc. So if you live near New Jersey and looking for astrological advice to solve your problem you can definitely consult them.

2. Vedic monks

Vedic Monks
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Vedic Monks have been in the field of astrology for many years, it is a very popular and the most trustworthy site. They have been providing astrological services for many years and are now counted as one of the best astrological websites in New Jersey, USA. They provide services like horoscope analysis, life guidance, birthstone analysis, healing crystal, mantra therapy, Vedic astrology, online pooja, numerology, etc. If you are interested in their astrological advice and life in New Jersey you can definitely consult them.

3. Crystal B. Astrology

Crytal B.
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Crystal B. is a well-known Astrologer in New Jersey, USA. She got interested in astrology at a very young age. Crystal B.her dad was also an astrologer, she learned many things about astrology from her dad. She offers services like personal and virtual reading and astrology classes. Crystal B. also provides services like zoom call, email, zoom, and Facetime. Crystal also writes many books but his book Feed Your Moon: Predictive & Mindful Astrology One Phase at a Time became very famous.

4. Hare Krishna Astrology

hare krishna astrology
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Hare Krishna Astrologer has a team of professional astrologers. So the journey of Yogesh Sharma, founder of Hare Krishna Astrology started in June 2000. He was lost in life and didn’t know what to do. Then he saw an aged person reading his hand for just 11 Rs, so he offered him 11 Rs and the old person told him some amazing facts about his life. Yogesh was amazed to see how exactly his information was about his life. Then he gets training for one week from that old person.

He completed his MBA in Human Resources from Kurukshetra University and then again in the same field MBA in the same field in 2009 from the University of WALES. He pursued his career till 2013 when he quit his job and started following his passion. Now he has experience of more than 20 years in astrology. He has done some major research in Jaimini astrology, Nadi Jyotish, Lal Kitab, Bhrigu Jyotish, Prashan Shastra, Astro-cartography, Gemology, Prashar astrology, Surya Siddhanta, and Yogini Dasha. He is an expert in Karmic Past Life, ​Marriage, Business/Career, Legal, Wealth, Medical, Relocation, Gemstones, Family/Children, and Spirituality.

5. Priti Joshi

Priti Joshi
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Indian Vedic astrologer Priti Joshi and Vastu Shastra expert Yogesh Joshi are the main astrologers on Priti Joshi comes from a family which has astrological roots. With over 25 years of experience in astrology, Lal Kitab, and Vedic numerology. Priti Joshi is a very famous Vedic astrologer in New Jersey, USA.

Yogesh Joshi is a well-known Vastu shastra expert in the USA and he also has a great knowledge of Feng Shui. He has experience of more than 20 years in astrology and he is also an Ayurveda doctor. Yogesh Joshi is an expert in scores of businesses, Motels, business Vastu & Feng Shui, and start-ups constantly.

6. Divine Light Astrology

Divine Light Astrology
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Gaurav has been providing his astrological services for many years in New Jersey, USA for many years. He has great experience in astrology, numerology, and healer. Gaurav can solve your problem with the help of KP Astrology, traditional Indian Vedic Astrology, Numerology, and Nadi Astrology. He provides various astrological services Birth horoscope, Pitta, Vata, Mental Challenges – Self Motivation, Anxiety, Kapha balance by Ayurveda, Black Magic remedies, etc. Gaurav has various remedies for your problems: Color Therapy, Mantras, Daan, GemStones, Spiritual Healing, etc.

7. Sri Ram Astrologer

Sri Ram Astrologer
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Sri Ram Astrologer is well established in New Jersey, USA, he is practising Astrology for many years. He has in-depth knowledge of astrology and specializes in love psychic reading. Pandit Sri Ram is an expert in vashikaran specialist and solves astrological-based relationship issues. He offers services for evil spirit removal, black magic removal, astrology and horoscope reading, relationship and marriage problem solution, negative energy removal, etc.

8. Dr. Gurudeva

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Dr. Gurudeva is one of the most popular Indian astrologers in New Jersey, USA. He starts his journey at the very young age of 7. He learns from his grandfather about astrology. According to him homas, mantras, poojas, and yantras are primary remedies. He also suggests that gemstones are most power full for bringing luck and fortune in life. Dr. Gurudeva can provide you services like Gemstone wearing rules & regulations, Kundli Matching, and Indian Astrology, etc.

9. Zenith Mantraa

Zenith Mantraa
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Rashmi K Kumaar is the founder of Zenith Mantraa, providing his astrological services for many years in New Jersey, USA. She has been living in the USA for 19 Years. He got interested in astrology at a very young age and got a chance to learn the basics of astrology. Then in 2016, he learned astrology in-depth Vedic Astrology, Meditation, Numerology, Vastu Shastra for homes, Lal Kitab, and Intuitive Dowsing. Now She is a well-known astrologer in New Jersey, USA. They provide services related to astrology, numerology, Vastu for home, etc.

10. Psychic of Pompton Lakes

Psychic of Pompton Lakes
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Psychic of Pompton Lakes is a well-established name in astrology. They have been providing astrology consultations for many years. They provide services like tarot cards, consulting astrology, basic psychic reading, palm reading, relationship reading, life coaching, yoga, chakra balance, love and medium, healer and adviser, metaphysical, holistic awareness, and cleansing. If you are looking for astrological consultation in New Jersey, USA then you can definitely consider them.

11. Maralyn Burstein Astrology

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Maralyn Burstein is a “cold reader”. She serves astrological services in New Jersey and surrounding cities. His speciality is Vedic astrology, Hellenistic, British Horror astrology, and Western astrology. She is a professional astrologer and she just asks for a date of birth to proceed with astrology. She is doing astrology since 1995, she completed her astrological studies in Vedic astrology from Gurukulam. She provides her services online through video conferences or you can also visit her office.

12. Song of sparrows

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Anna L. She is a very successful astrologer from New Jersey and her identity as an astrologer is the song of the sparrow. He is a Sahaja Physician and an Empowered Doctor, one can go for astrology only by appointment. She has been doing astrology since 2013 and has made thousands of clients from all over the world. According to his clients and reviews, he is an expert in chakras, energy-based exercises, breathing work, oracle cards, dreams, crystals, and meditation therapy.

13. Oak Astrology

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Oak K. A professional astrologer, ritualist, and owner of Oak Astrology School. Mr. Oak renders his services as a consultant and guides people on his astrological support. He is a full-time consultant and teacher and is NCGR certified through a coalition of professional astrologers and practices personally since 2015. He is passionate about the intersection of physical, mental, and spiritual health and the dynamic journey to achieve and maintain that balance.

14. Fleeting Connections

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Virginia M. is an astrologer, numerologist, and residential Vastu specialist in the United States. She spends her 10 years as a writer,  psychic healer, and lifestyle coach and after that, she starts providing her astrological services. She is doing astrology for 10 years and thousands of clients are satisfied with her services. Call today for a consultation and you’ll be surprised how blissful life can be. You can visit their office in New Jersey or you can get counselling through the online method or cellular mode.

15. Psychic Readings By Jacqueline

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Jacqueline K. A palm reading at Psychic Reading by Jacqueline in Union Beach, New Jersey. Basically, she runs her astrological business in New Jersey since 2002. She also offers crystal and tarot card readings. They have a great ability to read your past, present, and future. She has been using her natural born gift to help others for over 32 years and now has over 15k clients all over the world. She is a true psychic, spiritual advisor, life coach, and tarot card, reader.

16. Derrick Joseph Psychic Medium

Derrick Joseph Psychic Medium
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Derrick Joseph is an astrologer based in New Jersey, USA. He started his astrological career in 2012 and after spending 10 years in astrology, he is one of the great psychic readers in the world. Their speciality in psychic reading can cover your past, present and future, they are also experts in spiritual healing. Mr Derrick provides general life readings and also translates messages from loved ones and one’s spiritual team. If you are looking for someone who will solve your mental problems or life-related issues then you can go through him for the best results.

17. Tracy Atkinson Consulting

Tracy Atkinson Consulting
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Since 2009, Tracy Atkison serves her astrological service to needy people. She is an expert in Vedic astrology readings, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Life-Coaching, Relationship-Compatibility readings, Relocation astrology, Create a loving relationship, Build confidence, Discover your life goal, Enhance skills and many other life-related services. She is a certified Vedic astrologer and clinical hypnotherapist. Tracy customizes readings to your particular necessities, to guarantee that after the session, you have no doubt in your life, feel more certain and secure in your choices, and are more settled inside yourself.


For people who want to find the true meaning of life or want to give direction to life. Or want to solve their problems with the help of astrology. Above we mention a list of top astrologers in New Jersey, USA. You can consult any of them.


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