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Marriage counselling is a kind of therapy to protect the marital life or relationship of a married couple. Marriage counselling is also known as couples counselling, couples therapy, or relationship counselling. It is a type of therapy that supports people in intimate relationships. Treatment can be useful for partners who are thinking of separation or are looking for further developed closeness and understanding. Counselling helps to build strong relationships and in the counselling, each partner trusts their spouse and focuses on personal relationship development and self-awareness.

List of Top 15 Marriage Counselors in New York, USA

This list will help you find the best marriage counselors in New York City.

  • Vedic Realms
  • Vedic Monks
  • Jean Fitzpatrick
  • Vladimir Calixte
  • Jay W Pruiett
  • Moshe Ratson
  • James Blechman
  • Marissa Gomez Schursky
  • Empowerment Life Coaching
  • Irina Firstein
  • Cornell & Associates Marriage And Family Therapy
  • O’Brien & Associates
  • Natalie Firstenberg, MA
  • Williamsburg Therapy Group
  • Ken Voorhees, LCSW

#1. Vedic Realms

Vedic Realms
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Our experts and practitioners are committed to your growth and advancement and mean to satisfy your restorative objectives by assisting you with reinforcing your enthusiastic prosperity, gaining knowledge and understanding of your triggers and reactions, and completing important tools. Helping you meet your restorative objectives. 

Our therapists and specialists have licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) in NYC who has a long history with individuals, couples, and families. They are committed to the growth and advancement of their customers and believe that in order to move forward with a more fulfilling life, you must strengthen yourself and the connections involved. We look forward to working with you and giving you the most ideal opportunity to transform.

#2. Vedic Monks

Vedic Monks
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Vedic Monks is the best Marriage counselor and Family therapist in New York City. Our team of counselors and practitioners offers all kinds of other therapy such as Marriage, Family Conflict, Couples, Marriage Counseling, Infidelity, Marital and Premarital, Parenting, Life Coaching, Trauma & PTSD, Codependency, Peer Relationships, Communication, Relationship, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Issues, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Individual Therapy and Counseling, Self Esteem/Life Transitions, and more other counseling services. We have over 25 years of experience in counseling and we are the best marriage counselor in New York, USA. Vedic Monks offer their services like offline counseling through appointments and online through online meetings, book your appointment today for the best results.

#3. Jean Fitzpatrick

Jean Fitzpatrick
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Jean Fitzpatrick spent 20 years of her life as a marriage counselor and personal therapist in Manhattan, New York. Westchester, and online, she has helped thousands of people across the country and around the world, helping and guiding people’s lives and relationships through her counseling service. 

She trains couples as well as individuals who want to be as successful in their personal lives as they are in their careers. She hasn’t stopped her counseling during the pandemic, because she knows people in this movement people need her services more than ever. She continues her online counseling as of now.

#4. Vladimir Calixte

Vladimir Calixte
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Vladimir Calixte is a respected relationship consultant, award-winning creator, relationship and family affairs, expert. She provides the right direction to couples and manages relationship issues including betrayal. She is also a true health advocate who leads the smart dieting trend.

Vladimir has been predictable in her methodology and practical in her strategies through which she helps many. She plans strategies in her training personally and understands the whole issue before proceeding. Calixte listens attentively, fills with warmth, and has a positive attitude. She also gives paid telephonic counseling to her clients.

#5. Jay W Pruiett

Jay W Pruiett
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Jay W Pruiett is one of the best Marriage Counselors in New York City. Over 30 years of experience and practice, he counseled thousand of couples only in New Your city and more than 10+ couples all over the United States of America. His expertise in marriage, configuring a bad relationship, curing anxiety, removing depression effectively, and changing all the bad habits too. 

He says motivated people can improve their life’s mistakes and can change themselves. But, if the person didn’t try to improve themselves no one can help him. He is a reputed Marriage Counselor in New York City and a very well know personality of the USA. He offers his counseling services offline and during the pandemic he starts online counseling services too.

#6. Moshe Ratson

Moshe Ratson
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Moshe Ratson is one of the best marriage counselors in New York, USA. He provides quality clinical thought that drives and comes close to effective psychotherapy. He gives a non-critical and comfortable atmosphere. Moshe Ratson uses a variety of strategic modalities and brings an extraordinary mix of extensive clinical experience, positive energy, mindful presence, and depth of information on change conversations. 

He is a specialist professional in integrative psychotherapy. Moshe guides its clients to create the best conditions to reach their objectives and to make positive changes in their connections and their lives. Moshe Ratson provides paid telephone interviews and Internet guidance.

#7. James Blechman

James Blechman
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James Blechman is a relationship expert/trust issues. Certified as Sex Specialist from AASECT, Authorized Marriage and Family Counselor, Authorized Psychoanalyst, Authorized Clinical Psychiatric Social Worker. He has been providing his services for over 25 years and during that time he had the option of treating a wide range of emotional issues of people, couples, adolescents, and families. 

Finding out the root causes of manifestations is the most ideal way to create a permanent solution. Through his work, you’ll achieve a goal or cues lacking, gain more intense self-regulation and acceptance, and gain the ability to truly perform at your best in all parts of your life.

#8. Marissa Gomez Schursky

Marissa Schursky
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Marissa Gomez Schursky is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Individual and Couples therapist situated in Manhattan, New York, and has expertise in individual and couples psychotherapy. She tried and her objective in working together is to foster a strong and cooperative relationship that can work with self-improvement.

Her expertise in these factors: Stress, Depression, Premarital Counseling, Couples Therapy, Communication, Individual meetings, Sexual Intimacy,  Anxiety, Emotional Intimacy, Family elements, Relationship Issues, Life Transitions, Group Therapy to dive deeper into beginning treatment she offers an underlying brief discussion call.

#9. Empowerment Life Coaching

Empowerment Life Coaching
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Jessica London is the owner of Empowerment Life Coaching. She serves their services as an empowerment life coach and as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the one who started life coaching and dating coaching sessions in both Los Angeles and Manhattan, New York. 

Ms. Jessica has experience of over 8000 hours in her career and also she counsels 10k+ individuals, couples, families, and children. In her sessions, she got highly engaged and interactive as she enjoy helping you get to the root of your problems so she can solve all the issues. Her specialties are overcoming anxiety and depression, Harness self-awareness, Inner peace identity, LGBTQIA coming out, and esoteric topics.

#10. Irina Firstein

Irina Firstein
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Irina Firstein has vast experience of over 30 years of consulting. She helps couples to heal, develop and completely change the state of bad relationships. She usually focuses on improving the relationship without any issues. Irina improves and enhances her client’s knowledge so that she can experience more intense engagement with herself, her colleagues, and others. 

Irina is a recognized coach and speaker, having participated in various corporate talking commitments at American Express and Lehman Brothers on the topics of teamwork, stress management, and working with difficult people. She directs her clients in meetings to understand the connection needs and feelings of themselves and their spouses. Irina works with people on many personal matters, including hurt and disappointment.

#11. Cornell & Associates Marriage And Family Therapy

Cornell & Associates Marriage And Family Therapy
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In 2003, “Cornell & Associates Marriage And Family Therapy” was established by Andrea Cornell. Andrea’s team has specialists in Marriage and Family Therapy. With the experience of 19 years and thousands of therapy sessions, they are the best marriage counsellor in the world. If you live in New York or a nearer area you can take their counselling session and their areas of expertise include helping heal with anxiety issues, women’s empowerment issues (self-esteem, body image, communication, etc) and feelings of depression.

#12. O’Brien & Associates

O'Brien & Associates
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O’Brien & Associates is a very well know personality in New York City. They cured thousands of people who suffer from marriage counselling, mental trauma, family issues, psychic problems, life-partner problems, and mental health issues. With years of experience, they offer comprehensive aftercare, couple therapy, assessment, love-life problem, coaching, therapy, counselling, consultation, interventions, and testing. They are the only marriage counsellor and mental health company that offers a 100% money-back guarantee on its services. You can visit their office in New York, the USA for the best treatment.

#13. Natalie Firstenberg, MA

Natalie Firstenberg, MA
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With the experience of 28 years, she ranked in this list of Top marriage counsellors in New York. She offers one-to-one counselling as well as virtual counselling and that is why she has more than 3 million followers around the world. As per her words, “Through our discussions, you will experience a renewed sense of freedom from the burdens of the past”. Natalie offers marriage counselling, anxiety counselling, couples therapy, depression counselling, self-esteem therapy, spiritual counselling, dating and relationship counselling, and virtual consultations.

#14. Williamsburg Therapy Group

Williamsburg Therapy Group
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Williamsburg Therapy Group is a marriage counsellor and emotional wellness aggregate involving Doctoral level Psychologists and Psychiatrists practising integrated, client-oriented psychological care all under one roof. As Williamsburg’s first full-service emotional mental health collective, we assist individuals from this powerful local area by giving treatment to people, couples, families, and kids, with specialization in a huge number of regions, including anxiety, depression, addiction, and that’s just the beginning.

#15. Ken Voorhees, LCSW

Ken Voorhees, LCSW
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As a marriage counsellor, he spends more than thirty years of his life and with 30+ years of experience, he has done more than 3000 couples therapy, 5000 thousand individual therapy, divorce counselling and much other marriage-related counselling. During the COVID period, they offered online sessions through Zoom, FaceTime and Skype. Mr Kane continues this online session post and people from all over the world consult him through the online method.

Why Marriage Counseling Is Important – 7 Reasons

I’m going to discuss the main 7 important reasons for Marriage Counseling.

  1. Importance Of Time In Relationship

It is a very common problem for most of the people in this modern world that they are busy with some work or the other. Being busy with some work means that they are busy with office work, traveling for their business-related work, etc. Spending time with each other is a very important thing in a relationship. Counseling helps both spouses come together to take time out from their busy and scheduled lives and really focus on themselves.

  1. Conciliator Of Couples

A third person who is a counselor introduces himself as the couple conciliator and creates a healthy environment for good and effective communication for the couples. This counseling season proves to be very helpful for those couples who are ready to improve their relationships but do not know how to take steps for a positive outcome. Going through the season of conciliator has proved to be very rewarding for millions of people over the past 3 decades.

  1. Helps To Understand Pragmatism Patterns

A good therapist can deeply analyze each spouse’s behavior patterns and come to a conclusion as to who leads the conflict. Estimates based on behavior are capable of providing insight into how long it takes for their relationship to mend.

  1. Importance Of Communication

Less communication or no communication is not the solution to any problem, sometimes couples consider their ego instead of their feelings, in such a situation the problems are getting harder and harder. Counselors strive to create a positive environment for effective and successful communication. It is very common for couples to lose the ability to share their feelings and thoughts with each other. Marriage counselor provides support for effective communication.

  1. Provide Guidance To Improve Communication

As I have already mentioned that communication is a very important aspect of a relationship, counselors provide the necessary guidance to help the couple improve communication and overcome their bad habits. For example, a spouse speaks incoherently and does not give their partner a chance to respond, interrupts their partner frequently, speaks too much or loudly, avoids their thoughts, and much more.

  1. Get Rid Of All Misconceptions

Marriage counselors help to get rid of misunderstandings and avoid miscommunication. They always try to clear their thoughts and create a more realistic picture of what the other partner wants from him.

  1. Helps To Be Responsible

In a relationship, responsibility is important as taking a breath. Marriage counseling teaches the couples to remain accountable to each other and in any situation always take responsibility for your partner.

These tools should be put into practice and replace the previous unhealthy habits. In an effort to create patterns that will stand the test of time, counselors will often assign homework to the couple.

Marriage Counseling Tips That Can Improve Your Marital Life

Improving your relationship is essential and works to an advantage, even if you feel like you now have a good relationship. It is on this premise that even the most basic of relationships can benefit from a sense of how others are getting on with unusual coexistence. Marriage counseling tips can help you develop your relationship further, and if you have discomforts in your relationship, you can use them to determine part of your difficulties. Paying attention to marriage tips and maximizing your marriage therapy, you will see the changes quickly.

  • Marriage Counseling Tips

All things considered, married couples can have some unique problems, but there are other ways you can overcome them. We’ll look at the most important signs and key areas that you and your partner should pay attention to in order to have a good and happy relationship and long-lasting marriage. Assuming that you are effectively attempting to get better every day, you will be looking great by now.

  • Be Honest

The main thing you really want to be familiar with in marriage counseling is that you and your partner need to be straightforward. If you are not fair with each other and with your counselor, then at that point you will not have the option to figure out what the problems are. If you are unable to find problems, at that point you can’t fix them. So you end up with a lot more problems than you’re not fixing. By being completely genuine, you can tell your partner what you like and don’t like in your relationship and it allows them to have a conversation.

  • Communicate Positively

You really want to talk to your spouse and your counselor. Whenever you try to speak up and talk about what is bothering you, it will definitely work on your relationship. Communicating positively means that when the counselor or your spouse asks you a question or has a problem, you will try to resolve it. You can overcome this by being ready and willing to talk about whatever you are experiencing or feeling. At the point when you talk about the things that bother you then, you and your spouse can really respond to them and work out the problem.

  • Disagree Healthily

There are times in every relationship when you and your spouse can’t resist the urge to go against each other. There will be times when you just can’t figure out what to do, or you essentially have no idea how to address the problem. Sometimes, you can choose a ceasefire, although usually, you may need to make a sound decision as a team. Whenever this happens, you need to know how to consistently separate and happily verify this conflict without attacking each other in this argument.

  • Be Willing To Change

If you are not able to make changes in your daily life, you will not always be able to develop your relationships on your own. Only assuming you’re ready to implement those improvements, after talking to your counselor and your spouse, can you start building on what’s needed for your future and your married life. It might be positive or unfavorable results based on your willingness. Just think you refuse to make any improvement, all things considered, your relationship will not be capable of growth and you may need to end the relationship at this time.

  • Hang Out Together

Hanging out with your partner is very important, and it’s something that not many couples consider. You believe that you are getting to know each other on the basis that you keep in order, but would you say that you are focusing on your partner at the time? It’s hard not to fall into the tendency to be more of a flatmate than anything else. Plan an opportunity to spend time together, accomplish something effectively together. Whether she’s talking at the kitchen table or going out of town, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are focused on each other.

  • Pay attention To Your Partner

Plunking down and conversing with one another every so often will be significant. This is the way you find out with regards to one another’s day and about the things that are vital to one another. You will be able to know one another better and better each and every day on the off chance that you really plunk down and talk and, pay attention to what each other needs to say. You may be astonished at the things you learn and exactly how much nearer you feel to your accomplice while you’re beginning this cycle.

  • Be Supportive

Your accomplice will carry on with things in the day-to-day existence that is essential to them and hard for them. They will have times when they feel like they’re in isolation or attempting to battle through something without assistance. That is the point at which you should be their emotionally supportive network. Whether they’re battling with something emphatically or contrarily, you genuinely should be there and that you help them through it. Show them that you have confidence in them and that you will be there ASAP close by regardless could occur in their life.

Never Tell 3 Things To Your Marriage Counselor:

As a counselor, I keep secrets from others, but during therapy, I have to understand the problems and at the same time I observe the nature of the couples. Sometimes secrets are the cause of bad relationships and almost broken relationships, for better results from the counselor’s point of view I had to put all the information of your partner in front of you. After that, I would suggest 3 things that you should keep with you.

  1. “Please Do Not Tell My Partner About This”

As I have already mentioned, a counselor cannot be biased towards anyone and cannot keep your important secrets from your spouse. As a counselor, it is his duty to remove all the hurdles required in marriage counseling. Sorry about that, but you should keep some of your secrets to yourself. You can avoid the question that makes you uncomfortable or ruins your secrets.

  1. Never Say, “No, I Think You Are Wrong”:

Whatever I do, I can’t say we’re always right, but it’s no use fighting with us about it because we certainly aren’t upset. Like I said before, it’s your relationship. In the event that our recommendation doesn’t work for you then it doesn’t work. Use part of those capabilities to give us input that you’re mastering treatment and that we can all continue to do something that the business takes care of.

  1. “It’s Over; I Want A Divorce”:

Believe me, this line is meaningless for any marriage counselor, because you came to the counselor to keep your relationship safe. A couple may have said this simply because they are angry with their spouse, but the truth is this. You wouldn’t be in the counselor’s office if you really wanted a divorce; You will be in a lawyer’s office. Everything can be sorted out by giving some weather and time.

Last Verdict

Marriage counseling is very important for those people or couples who suffer from domestic violence and abuse, depression, anxiety, couples and relationship problems, addiction, peer relationships, trauma, emotional intelligence, anger management, and other mental problems. Counseling supports your mental health and makes you mentally as well as physically strong. Vedic Monks and their experienced counselors provide all types of counseling and give the assurance of effective results. Suffering from any kind of trauma for any reason could be risky if you feel any kind of anxiety or depression then please consult with our counselors or you can book your appointment on

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