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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is a highly auspicious one for it’s ruling deity is Maa Lakshmi and the ruling planet is Saturn. The seven mukhi rudraksha symbolizes the seven sacred rivers.

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Those who suffer from the 7 Mukhi Rudra are able to prevent all the negative energy and help to enhance your sexual capacity, heart-related issues, etc. must have worn this to prevent the negative and evils vibes in your life. According to the Veda’s, the 7 Mukhi Rudra is able to prevent the negative impacts of the Sani(satan). Rudraksha or Rudraksh is a pious element of positivity as mentioned in Vedic Science scripts. 

According to the Samaveda, the auspicious day to wear a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is Saturday. the main reason why it wore only Saturday is to prevent the negative energy of satan planet that impact your life.

The seven Mukhi Rudraksha refelts the blessing of the Mahalaxmi (goddess Of Wealth). those who suffer from the lack of wealth mental stability and health and have problems financial should wear this to get rid of it. wearing the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is good for Starting a business, and health. because it is blessed by Mahalaxmi we can see most of the people who run their businesses are wearing these 7 Mukhi rudrakshas.



  • Johnathan Williams

    Appreciate you all who delivered my product at a time during the covid 19. The quality of Rudraksha is amazing.

  • Jack Kalvinter

    The quality of the product is very good and the packing is also good, I have to gift this product to my uncle for his better well-being. Great work Vedic Monks.

  • Kate Mara

    7 Mukhi Rudraksha comes with 7 slight cuts on the bead of Rudraksha. This Rudraksha gives prosperity in all eras of life like business, career, and service. This 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is called by another name “Anang Swaroopa” and it makes your life peaceful and luxurious. According to Vedic astrology and Jyotish science, 7 Mukhi Rudraksha was worn or used during the Antardasha and Mahadasha of Saani (Saturn). In ancient times, sages suggest kings wear this Rudraksha for their better well-being and to win over disputes. Thank you Vedic Monks for delivering this powerful Rudraksha.

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