Amber-Natural Incense Cones help you to relax your mind, control your emotions and release your stress. our amber cones are fully natural-made amber tree resin and are under-observed by Vedic experts. it is a combination of amber resin and natural oil. the aroma of our natural amber cones keeps your mind open purify and fill with positive vibes that motivates you to achieve your goals.

Our Natural amber cones are made by 100% original “Hymenaea protera” plants found in the Dominican Republic and other few countries. original ingredients and that make according to our Vedic experts who have 25+ years of experience. the aroma of our natural amber cones is totally organic that gives you a natural touch whether you sitting in the office, home, doing medication, etc. According to research, the aroma of amber cones is more affected in the evening hours. is has a pleasant aroma that keeps your mind calm and relex helps you to focus on your work and make you energize and positive.

As we mentioned this aroma of amber cones is more affected in the evening time. Its aroma spreads in your place and feels you more open, relaxed, calm, and elements. spiritually, this is beneficial for medication, worshipping god, and keeping away negative vibes from you.

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