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This gemstone has incredible characteristics to heal and relieve negative and ill memories from past, incest and any form of abuse. Opal encourages positive and healthy sexuality and relationships. It is highly recommended to someone who has Mahadasha or Antardasha of the planet Venus in their horoscope. Opal is very beneficial for people suffering from infertility, sexual disorders, Libido, and impotency. As per Vedic Astrology Fire Opal symbolizes joy of the heart.

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Each gemstone has respective merits and the rightful purpose can be fulfilled only when recommended by a evolved Vedic Practitioner and Vedic Astrologer. The gemstone has to be rightfully energized and charged as per the particular horoscope for best results and avoid any mishaps. The carat size to be worn is strictly as per your planetary positions and can be customised.

  • Daweyne Gelare

    If you think people can’t believe you or what you say then please try white Opal with Fire like me. I’ve seen a lot of people and my friends don’t take any of my thoughts or words seriously. This is very embarrassing to me and I know many people feel the same way as I feel. But this stone gives me strength or you can say faith which makes my word effective and reliable. I recommend buying all Vedic products from Vedic monks who have a wide range of products in very small quantities.

  • Caitlin Kinney

    A white opal with fire is the most precious stone in the world. The stone comes with wonderful scattered yellow color which gives a beautiful representation like a fire burning in the stone. According to astrology and astrologers, it has some special properties like making the wearer work hard, strengthening your relationship, bringing happiness and love, creating and encouraging confidence, enhances intuition and creativity. I ordered this stone because of its properties and I am really saying it works as I mentioned. After wearing this gem, I realize my mistakes in my relationship, in my office work, and it helps in building my consciousness.

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