As per mythology, Copper Lota is one of the precious and holy elements in Hindus. it is Kept used in many worshipping ceremonies and holy occasions. Add Our Vedic pure copper lota to your daily routine to get benefits and purify your thoughts and body.

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Copper lota is being used for thousands of years in India and other countries. the benefits of copper Lotas are famous worldwide. our olden people put water for overnight and drink in the early morning, they drink to purify their bodies. copper has some natural elements that is being able to purify and detox your body. using copper lots on regular basis keep your health good and improves your immune systems strong for a long time.

Distributed in a Copper Lota and other forms of it to avoid the use of plastic, protecting the Environment is one core aspect and philosophy of Vedic Astrology and Science.

here we mentioned some more few benefits that help you though to find out how copper is beneficial for you.

  • Copper prevents the problem related to arthritis disease.
  • It also helps you to reduce hypertension and kept the blood in control.
  • It helps to glow your skin and reduce your anti-aging problems

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