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This gemstone shows it’s versatile form in different lighting to an extraordinary range of beautiful colors, including orange, yellow, purple and vibrant green. The word “garnet” is derived from a term that means “seed” because the gemstone resembles the color and shape of a pomegranate seed. This Gemstone is for individuals born in the month of January.

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Garnet birthstone recognition is very auspicious for those who were inborn in the month of Jan. Many astrologers and people believe it has the capability to give you long age, protect you from the may live to threaten accidents, and all.

Garnet represents the friendship and love between humans. and astrologer aligned them with wounds and lovers also. Garnet gets his name from the fruit pomegranate. Garnet has some supernatural power as well. the wear of this birthstone gets the ability to extend his/her life.

Garnet birthstone maintains our root chakra also, it helps to detoxify our blood circulation and immune system. it also protects our spinal and guards us against injuries.

The Garnet helps to control our sexual stability and maintains our thoughts, it also balances our energy and other things. It makes us more passionate about life goals and aims and helps to focus on them. Gamet boost up our inner confidence encourages our willpower and puss us to that stuff.

  • Richard Stewart

    Garnet is my favorite and lucky gemstone. My Wife brought this 2 months ago from this site. I wore this Stone and after a couple of days, I felt so many changes in my life. I wanna Thanks Vedicmonks for this amazing birthstone.

  • Sabrina Micky

    After 4 months of Garnet’s Birthstone, I can say that Birthstone really works. Thanks to the Vedic monks for this priceless birthstone. This stone changed my life and this piece of stone is amazing and amazingly effective too. The quality of this stone is very good and it is very shiny. I recommend this stone to everyone.

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