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Sunstone is one of the luckiest and wealth prosperity stones among all gems. it attracts wealth and fortune and prosperity to you and fills up your atmosphere with positivity and happiness. It is also capable to enhance your leadership Qualities making you more creative and increase your thinking ability.

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Each gemstone has respective merits and the rightful purpose can be fulfilled only when recommended by an evolved Vedic Practitioner and Vedic Astrologer. The gemstone has to be rightfully energized and charged as per the particular horoscope for best results and to avoid any mishaps. The carat size to be worn is strict as per your planetary positions and can be customized.

Sunstone is reflect the joy of happiness and growth of life. According to the holy texts, the sunstone has the sun’s energy that spreads the positivity of joy. the sunstone has the ability to attract people to it. those who want happiness and live a joyful life must have worn this precious gem.

According to astrology and Zodiac Sign, for those who were born in Libra Zodia, this sunstone is the best stone for them. It removes all the negativity of life. And help to attract people toward you.

  • Joanna skyler

    They maintained the purity of stone. Quality and size of stone is absolutist fine.

  • Rachel Green

    If you dealing with lots of people like a company owner, manager, team leader, or bus conductor you might feel stress or headache in your daily life. I also face this problem that why I bought Sunstone that gives me the energy for dealing with 100’s of people every day, I purchased this gemstone for Vedic Monks at a very low price and they also provide a great discount. I purchased Sunstone 3 months ago and now I never feel stress or heaviness in my daily life. Thank you, Vedic monks.

  • Mattew Sheldon

    Sunstone is blessed by the lord Sun and it is believed that Sunstone contains strong solar energy. In Vedic astrology, it is considered as the stone of joy and positivity reflector. Astrologer advises this Sunstone to those people who have Sun as their ruling planet in his natal chart. It carries the power of sun rays and gives you the royalty like Sun. This stone enhances our sacral chakra due to its association, enhances leadership qualities, helps to reach your goal, it is used as a manifestation stone. Thanks, Vedic monks to bring this precious stone to my house.

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