This is a Vaastu or Vastu shield to keep away negative and troubling energies. It is a defensive shield and it protects you from negativity. It attracts beneficial powers which help to achieve peace, happiness, prosperity, and progress. Swastika on Laxmi Lotus will help you to be positive and keep all the negative energies away from you. 

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Goddess Laxmi is the highest power in wealth and money, and the symbol of lotus defines Maa Laxmi. This Swastik protects us from all the problems and gives us the wealth and power to do work. This is a shield that protects you from the negative energies and provides you the wealth to survive. It attracts useful power to you to achieve more happiness and peace. It helps you with all problems from which you are suffering. This Swastika is in the form of blessing and has courage. It is good to keep in the home and worship it before starting any new and good work.

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