Check out our product Tortoise Pillar Pyramid Shree Yantra with Swastik, this is a Vastu item. This Tortoise Pillar Pyramid Shree Yantra with Swastik contains Shree yatra at the top, which prevents all the bad energies around you and provides you peace and happiness.

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Tortoise Pillar Pyramid Shree Yantra with Swastik is believed to be very good and auspicious in the Hindu religion. It is a Vastu item and it has Shree Yatra at the top. It gives us inner peace and keeps us protected from all the black eyes. It spreads positivity and it all depends on faith and belief. The Shree Yantra is one of mankind’s earliest symbols, it represents the Goddess Laxmi who is the embodiment of abundance in its aspects. This Shree Yantra gives us positive energy and keeps all the negative energies around us.

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