Use our Vedic vetiver fragrance incense sticks at your home, workplace, while medication, and other places. our stick is made with 100% original vetiver. it helps you to get rid of the anxiety and depression.


Vetiver is one of the best types of fregreantic grass that is used for many purposes such as medicine for stomach problems circulation problems etc. talking about its fragrance, it smalls like little earthy woody and leathery and touch off smoky.

It has some ingredients that are being able to relax, calm and balance your mind and help to reduce your axnity and stress-related problems after a couple of times.

using vetiver in your room the aroma of our Vedic vetiver sticks spread into your atmosphere and make your home very calm and relaxed.

we added some special ingredients in our Vedic vetiver sticks that make you more confident enhance your inner willpower and increase your focus ability and attentiveness.

Our Vedic vetiver natural sticks are very helpful to remove problems related to insomnia, traumas and shocks, nervousness, etc.


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