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Selenite is one of the most powerful healing crystals that provide you peace, calm, and mental clarity. As per Vedic Astrologers, it is the purest crystal, hence they termed it as the “master healer stone.” This crystal, if energized well, can amplify an individual’s energy of absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating his or her energies. This is suggested for kids and teenagers to improve concentration and memory. It’s also believed by some people that this crystal can remove negative energy and keep you positive. 

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White Selenite is the most powerful and best healing crystal. This White Selenite crystal can heal all the negativity and provide you peace, calm, and mental health. This White Selenite stonework is a protective shield around the house and creates a safe and quiet space around you. Alternative medicine practitioners as per Vedic Astrology use crystals in healing by placing them around the body. It is recommended by placing them on a particular part of the body where the particular chakra or energy path has to be transformed. It is a must to consult a Vedic Astrologer or Alternative Medicine Practitioner to understand the right use of a particular crystal. It is a claiming stone that is very good at healing and one of the most powerful stones in the World. 

These White Selenite stones are hand-selected, cut, and polished. We provide you with the best quality, original and natural White Selenite at a reasonable price. The meaning of Selenite comes from the cleansing properties of the crystal. You can also use this in your home and in the office for better results. White Selenite stone is very versatile. You can keep place it on the window, it reduces all the negative vibes from your house and provides you fresh and positive atmosphere. Order this product and get the best deals and free shipping.

  • Harman Joshi

    I was searching for white Selenite for a long time but I didn’t get any trustable person for this. Then one of my friends told me about Vedic Monks and I bought the white selenite stone from here. It has a very good quality and most importantly they provide the original stones at good prices. Thank you Vedic Monks for dispelling negative energy and enhancing clarity, focus, and creating calm in my space by providing this stone.

  • Walter walker

    After the years of misfortune, I decided to order white Selenite the stone of good fortune and prosperity. I faced the badest years in my life, in that year I tried many things to do but whenever I try, I just got a failure. My family, my friends everyone tried so hard to push me but my bad luck was great. Last year in Texas, I meet with an astrologer a healing crystals specialist she told me to wear “White Selenite” for my good fortune. I bought this normal-looking stone from Vedic monks but my life got a good turn and now I can say my future is bright, wait I am not a rich guy but I am a happy guy. Thanks, Vedic monks for this precious White Selenite stone.

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