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Astrology is experiencing a surge in popularity in the past few years. It can help you to overcome life problems and achieve goals. Astrology helps us break down walls and move away from the world of fear. It teaches us how to accept both good and bad aspects of our lives. Finding the purpose and meaning of life can be challenging, astrology can help you with that. With Astrology, you can reach your true potential & achieve great things.

It’s not an easy task to find an expert astrologer worry not. If you are looking for a certified astrologer in New York, USA. We are providing you with a list of the best astrologers in New York, USA.

Best Astrologer in New York

1. Vedic Realms

Vedic Realms

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Vedic Realms is a team of expert astrologers, now they also provide their services in Newyork. They have experience of more than 24 years. Their website is very responsive and compatible with people with all generations of people. They have more than 100 astrologers who are specialized and highly experienced. They provide services like Vedic astrology, horoscope analysis, numerology consultation, positive counseling, Vastu solution, color therapy, mantra magic, online pooja, partner compatibility, precaution prediction, birthstone, and palmistry reading. They also provide a wide range of products healing products, gemstones, rudraksha mala, birthstone, pooja cups, and many more.

2. Vedic Monks

Vedic Monks
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Vedic monks is another website that is getting very popular these days. Their team of expert Vedic astrologers can help you overcome obstacles that you are facing in your life. Their main goal is to make the world a better place. With more than 100 experience astrologers they are really making difference. They provide services like Vedic astrology, work-life guidance, birthstone analysis, horoscope analysis, healing crystals, mantra therapy, etc. They also provide a wide range of products gemstones, Rudraksha, puja samagari, parsed, murtis, shivling, and tulsi mala.

3. Rebecca Gordon

Rebecca Gordon
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Rebecca Gordon is a well-known name in astrology. She is also an author, founder of Rebecca Gordon Astrology School. Rebecca is inspiring lakhs of people all around the world. She has been featured in many publications like The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Oprah Magazine, The Oprah Magazine, television shows, The New Yorker, Forbes, and Vogue. She has also worked with many reputed brands Christian Louboutin, Benefit Cosmetics, Tag Heuer, Catherine Malandrino, Chanel, Agent Provocateur, and many more. She provides us with astrological readings, cosmic coaching, self-study workshops, private membership, and also provides many courses in her school. Rebecca can help you put your life in the right direction.

4. Astro Kumar

Astro Kumar
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Pandit Kumar is a certified astrologer, with experience of more than 24 years. He is using his astrological knowledge to make people’s life better and help them to achieve their goals. He tries to connect with people using various methods like Torat, Horoscope, and mind-reading, to better understand the main cause of the problem. Astro Kumar’s main goal is to help people who are in need. He is an expert in palmistry, astrology reading, tarot reading, Vaastu, Vashikaran, and financial problems. His method of treatment involves blending Oriental and spiritual treatment.

Pandit Kumar Provides services like Black magic removal, love or relationship problem, financial and business problem, vashikaran expert, evil spirit removal, horoscope reading, etc. If you are looking for an astrology practitioner in New York, the USA you can definitely consider him.

5. Oak Kalawakan

Oak astrology
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Oak Kalawakan is an NCGR certified professional astrologer, with experience of more than 10 years. He established Oak Astrology school in 2019. In which they provide a full natal astrology course and Transits & Predictive Astrology Course, in this course they will give you a deep knowledge of how healing works, life cycles, trauma, relationships, ancestry, counseling, life path, etc. He provides services like birth chart reading, birth chart reading, heart-healing consultation, locational reading, and many more. If you are interested in his courses or astrological consultation you can definitely get in touch with him.

6. Astrobabe

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Astrobabe (Laura Gilmore) has more than 35 years of experience in astrology. She get interested in astrology at a very young age. Laura Gilmore lived in Hollywood, California with her mother. In the beginning, she starts reading for her friends and family, then Laura that she is good at reading. So she starts practicing astrology, psychometry, tarot, automatic writing, channeling. Laura Gilmore studied in The Philosophical Research Society, Theosophical Research Society, natural remedies, naturopathy, homeopathy. If you want to take the advice of an expert astrologer, she is available for phone and private readings.

7. Astrologer Rudhra

Astrologer Rudra
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Pandit Rudra is a very famous astrologer in New York, USA. He gained knowledge of Vedic astrology from his father and he is using his experience of astrology to uplift the lives of people. He provides various services like Black magic removal, Vashikarana expert, spiritual healer, evil spirit removal, physic reader specialist, bad luck removal, etc. Pandit Rudra Ji also provides private consultation. If you are looking for a certified astrologer with many years of experience, you can consult Astrologer Rudra.

8. Bart Lidofsky

Bart Lidofsky
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Bart Lidofsky is a NewYork based astrologer with over 15 years of experience. Bart Lidfsky is an active member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, the American Tarot Association, and the American Federation for Astrological Networking. He provides many services like natal reading, returns (forecasts), walk-in reading, Synastry (relationship analysis), etc

9. Astro Krishna

Astro Krishna
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Life never remains same there are always ups and downs in our life. Whether you are facing a relationship problem or want a black magic removal service Astro Krishna can help you. He is a renowned astrologer in New York, USA. Astro Krishna Ji has many years of experience in the field of astrology. He specializes in love psychic reading, black magic removal, vashikaran expert, Pooja hawan services, removes Kala Jadu, relationship problems, etc. If you are interested in any services of Astro Krishna you can contact them and he can help you to find a solution for your problem.

10. Astrologer Guru Ji

Astrologer Guru ji
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Astrologer Guru Ji is counted as one of the top astrologers in New York, USA. His main goal is to solve people’s problems with help of astrology. Guru Ji uses his psychic abilities to better understand people’s problems, it allows him to see what is best for you. He is an expert in psychic reading, love matter, family problems, palm reading. Astrologer Guru Ji provides services like Bad luck removal, Negative energy removal, solving love marriage problems, face reading, horoscope matching, spiritual healing, etc.

11. High Priestess of Brooklyn

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The owner of Brooklyn High Priest and an astrologer, Alex C. He has completed his studies in Astrology from Talent Management. His mastery in astrology is tarot reading and optimistic guidance. The good thing about her is that she does astrology to help people become the best version of themselves in their best environment. She asks everyone about their Sun/Rise/Moon or date of birth to provide the best guidance. She also gives yoga classes for fitness.

12. Angel Eyedealism

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World-famous astrologer Angel Idealism provides astrological services in New York City, USA. She specializes in moving astrology and astrocartography, which means she advises her clients to travel or move to activate their luck in the desired areas of their lives. She has been fascinated by astrology since 1992 and strives to help clients understand themselves and their life situations. She provides all astrological services from natal chart interpretation and transit to love/compatibility readings.

13. Astro Vikram Raj

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Shri Vikram Raj is a renowned Indian psychic, astrologer, and spiritual healer. He is an expert in many fields and serves his clients like “get your love back, black magic removal, astrology readings, psychic readings, vashikaran specialist, love spells, god prayers, remove negative energy” for their better health. for guidance. Mr. Vikram has been involved in over 45k doubles sessions globally in his career. Some famous people like politicians, Hollywood actors, and actresses, eminent personalities used his solutions. Thousands of people enjoyed his sessions and availed the solutions.

14. Psychic Mahadev solutions


Psychicmahadev Astrology, where you can connect with more than 100 astrologer experts in all types of astrology. They provide their astrological services in New York City for over 25+ years and are trusted by millions of people. Psychicmahadev’s astrologer handles all services like Black magic removal, Removal of bad luck, Removal of witchcraft, Removal of an evil spirit, Cleanse voodo, Psychic reader specialist, Court case problems, Jealousy and evil curses, Health issues, Relationships problems, all kinds of worship, palm reading and many other services too.

15. Diana Brownstone

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Certified as a Professional Consulting Astrologer by the National Council of Geocosmic Research Professional Astrologer’s Alliance (NCGR-PAA), Diana Brownstone is the most renowned astrologer in New York City. Since1987, she work as a personal advisor and consultant in astrology. After a few years, she joined NCGR as a faculty member in 2001. Mrs. Brownstone got invited to India (Creator of Vedic astrology) as a guest speaker for the 43rd National Conference in Kolkata India. She provides her services in New York, New Jersey, and all the near cities, she also provides astrological guidance through online mode as per the appointment.

16. Botanica Obatala Espiritual

Botanica Obatala Espiritual
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Established in 2000 Botanica Obatala Espiritual specializes in Spiritual Support, Tarot Reading or Tobacco Counseling. He did all kinds of spiritual work. You can meet him in New York, the USA for success in his job and good health. They also make religious articles, candles, sacred herbs, perfumes and perfumes for ritual, baths for fortune-telling, and much more. Botanica provides Online Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, Tarot or Cigar Readings, Perpetual Love Affair, Sweetness, Spiritual Cleansing, and Protection from negative energy. Get everything you need straight at your doorstep.

17. Indigo Crystal Astrology

Indigo Crystal Astrology
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Astrology and psychic services. Since 2002, Indigo Crystal Astrology performs all the practices of astrology and has helped thousands of people across the world with over 20 years of experience. They are very famous personalities and they have clients from different countries. They provide their counselling services and treatment through online mode or real-time consultation. Denora is the business owner of Indigo Crystal Astrology, she uses a unique blend of astrological background, is NCGR trained and works at various programs in Bushwick/East Williamsburg.


If you are going to a tough face in your life or lost the direction of your life. A person with a deep knowledge of astrologers can give solutions to your problem.

So worry not if you live in New York, USA, and looking for an expert astrologer. Above we mention the best Astrologers in New York, USA. Contact any of them and give your life the right direction.


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