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Most people are facing some kind of a problem in their life so to resolve it they consult an astrologer. The popularity of astrology in the United States is increasing day by day. Many people go to astrologers to solve their problems. Some astrologers charge hefty amounts for their services but this is not the case with Indian astrologers.

Indian astrology is hundreds of years old, it is also known as Jyotish Vidya. The meaning of Jyotish vidya is Light of Knowledge. It uses Moon signs to predict, Earlier Indian astrology was only based on the movement of planets and stars. But now it includes zodiac signs. There are 12 signs according to Indian astrology. It uses the sidereal system to calculate chat. It is focused on personal karma and dharma, this can help us better understand our relationships with our loved ones. Here is the list of the best Indian astrologers in the United States. 

Top Indian Astrologer In USA 2022

1. Vedic Realms

Vedic Realms

Vedic realms is one of the best sites of astrology, it provides the best family Counselling, Marriage Counselling, career counseling, Horoscope Analysis, horoscope analysis, Gemstone Analysis, Mantra Solution, Life Counselling, Puja Shakti, Vedic Astrology. Their team is consists of Indian astrologers.

They provide guidance to people who are a lot in their life. They have a wide range of products Healing Crystals, Idols, Gemstones, Rudraksha Mala, Birthstone, and many more. Their website is very responsive and always up to date, so if you are facing problems in your life you can visit Vedic Realms and they will help you.

2. Vedic Monks

Vedic Monks

Vedic monks is another popular and great platform. Their team consists of many Indian astrologers. They have expertise in Horoscope Analysis, Palmistry, Vastu Solution, Numerology Consultation, Vedic Astrology, and Online Puja.

You do not have to worry about finding a suitable astrologer for your need as this website has many astrologers. Their team is highly trained and they have years of experience in horoscope counseling. They consult their customer problem, they promise that all the of the customer data is protected and secured. They also present a wide range of products such as Rudraksha, gemstones, tulsi mala, shivling, puja samagari, parsed, and murtis.

3. Dr. KP Tripathi

Dr. KP Tripathi

Dr. Kp Tripathi proving his services to Astrology for more than 25 years. He develops his interest in astrology at an age of 7. He has completed his graduation in M .tech from Banaras Hindu University. Kp Trapitahi provides astrological services all around the world. Now he is considered one of the famous astrologers in the USA. He has a large following in India, the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Australia. He travels over the globe and helps people. Kp Tripathi provides services like Vastu arrangements, Tarot, Career, and financial advice, and Kundali matchmaking.

4. Dr. Vedant Sharma

Dr. Vedant Sharma

Dr. Vedant Sharma was born on 22 November 1985 in Madhya Pradesh. His dad Guruji Gobind Sharmaa is also a great astrologer. He has learned a lot from his dad, Dr. Vedant Sharma provides his services all over the globe. He has a huge customer base in countries like India, the USA, the UK, Japan, South America, Dubai, etc. You can consult him via his website and phone consultation is also available. Dr. Vedant gains popularity very quickly now he also has a very huge client base in the USA.

5. Pt. Ajai Bhambi

Pt. Ajai Bhambi

Pt. Ajai Bhambi is a law graduate and holds a degree in Economics after he shifts his career toward astrology. Now he is known as the best Vedic astrologer in the USA. He has a great knowledge of astrology and has written several books some of them are Vaastu for You and Your Family, Swayam Bane Jyotishi, Neech Bhanga Rajayoga, Manavta Ka Ekmatra Mitra Shani, Vedic Sun Signs, Be your own Astrologer,  etc. 

He has won many awards some of them are the 2018 World Icon Award in Bangkok, the National Gaurav Award in 2017,  the Indian Icon Award in 2017, the Life Time Achievement Award in 2018 at the All India Astrological Conference, and many more.

6. Vinayak Bhatt

Vinayak Bhatt

In the USA, Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt is one of the best Indian astrologers. He has experience of over two decades, Vinayak Bhaat provides online Vedic astrology services in many countries like the USA, India, Canada. His family has close relation with astrology, his father  Pt. Bheemsen Bhatt was an expert in  Jyotish and now he is the best Vedic astrologer in the United States. Vinayak Bhatt specializes in reading horoscopes, effects of the planet, and other dosh. He has more than 20,000 happy customers, he proves services like love or arranged, marriage and matchmaking.

7. Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma

In the list of best Indian Astrologers in the USA, this name is worth mentioning. At a very young age, he got interested in astrology and he chose this as his main field of study. He has many years of experience in the ancient astrology science of India. Today he is known as a world-class Vashikaran. Ankit Sharma handles cases that are related to marital issues, involvement of love, or inter-caste marriage. He won the Jyotish Shiromani, Jyotish Visharad awards, 2015 kismat connection award of excellence, Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish Award in 2015.

8. Sanjay B Jumaani

Sanjay B Jumaani

His story of becoming an astrologer is very interesting, his journey started at the 14, first stats as a salesman. Jumaani works in this field for 17 years then he decides to change his field and decides to become a specialist in numerology. In a very short period, he becomes a famous numerologist in India. Now he has a huge client base in USA, clients can chat with him directly on social media and he is active on Twitter most of the time.

9. Jai Madaan

Jai Madaan

Jai Madan holds a graduate degree in philosophy from Delhi University. She has a keen interest in Tarot reading, Jai Madan started studying Tarots, Palmistry, and other forms of Astrology. She has experience of over 15 years, Top-class business tycoons, industrialists, players, media persons are the main client base of Jai Madan. Madan Has great experience in marital issues, a successful career, good academics, etc. She has a very famous show, Family Guru where people can know about daily tips broadcasted over India news channel. You can also watch her program on the internet, for services you can connect via phone or his website.

10. Rajat Nayar

Rajat Naya

Rajat Nayar is using his knowledge of astrology to assist people for many years. At a very young age, he got interested in astrology. People who feel lost in their life or going to take a big decision in their life are love to take advice from him. He provides services like palmistry, loves psychic readings, numerology, gemology, tarot card readings, Vastu Shastra, and Vashikaran mantras. His clients include Doctors, Bollywood Celebs, Business Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Sportsmen, etc. So if you are facing problems in your life and want to get of you can consult Rajat Nayar.

11. Astro Gautam


One of the famous astrologers Pandit Gautam is the best Indian Vedic astrologer and spiritual healer in the USA. Astrology is in his blood, he comes from a family background of Psychics, Astrology, and Healer. He is a specialist in Vashikaran, Horoscope reading, Palmistry reading, Numerology, etc. Globally, He has been completed more than 45k successful couple sessions. Pandit Gautam started the Vedic astrological facility with the single objective of servicing folks facing issues from all corners of their lives and now millions of people follow him for his amazingly effective astrological remedies and precautions.

12. Pandit Vijay Varma


If you are curious about your future, Pandit Vijay Varma is you can find in the USA. He is a well-known, famous, and best Indian astrologer in all cities of the USA. California, Texas, and Florida are those places where he visits every month and provides guidance to their clients. He also takes his session through online mode and cellular mode. His guidance is appreciatable and very beneficial for those people who suffer from love problems,  family problems, financial & business problems, relationship problems, jealousy, and a curse. He is an expert in Vashikaran, stop breakups, love spells, Removing bad luck, reuniting loved ones, job problems, evil spirits removal, astrological remedies, and horoscope reading.

13. Bhrigu Pandit Ji


Shree Bhrigu Pandit Ji provides his Vedic astrology guidance to the people for many years in India and now in the USA. He is an Indian astrologer but last few years he solved thousand of Americans’ problems too. He has a very big fanbase, millions of people follow him and respect him. Pandit Ji’s remedies are very beneficial for his clients and his followers. Problems like business loss, relationship problems, divorce problems, Vashikaran, Kala jadoo, witchcraft all the problems could be gone just joining by Shree Bhirgu Pandit Ji sessions. He has knowledge of Vedic astrology and Western astrology, all kind of remedial things like a birthstone, healing crystals, and rings suggested by him has a good effect on the victim.

14. Dr. Gurudeva’s Astrology


Dr. Gurudeva is one of the well-known Indian traditional astrologers in the USA, having gone through long periods of study and research in the ancient science of Hindu Astrology/Vedic Astrology/Indian Astrology. Astrology is like a god gift to him and his family. Dr. Gurudeva’s first introduction to Vedic astrology/Jyotish at the youthful age of 7 came at the hand of his Grandfather. When we talk about the mystical review at such a young age as a wonderful endeavor, it does not surprise anyone when one knows that Dr. Gurudev comes from a family background who does long-standing practices in Indian astrology/Vedic astrology/Jyotish. His fathers and grandfather are doing  Indian/Vedic astrologers from their childhood and now Dr. Gurudeva continues their legacy in the USA.

15. Vedic Grace


Sairam Guruji Astrologer is one of the best rising Indian astrologers present in the USA. He has been doing all astrological practices for over 20+ years. With the experience of 20 years, he became one of the best Vedic astrologers in India and now he serves in the USA for those who actually need cosmic support in their life. Indian astrology gives the right direction and helps to make the right decision for a better future. It brings prosperity and good fortune in our life by doing small changes and considering some remedies in our daily life. Thanks to SSR Astrologer and Sairam Guruji Astrologer for providing their services in the USA.


Above we mention the list of best Indian astrologers in the USA. If you believe in astrology and want to consult an Indian astrologer. You can consult with any of them to resolve your problem. They have several years of experience in Astrology. You can contact them through their website or social media platforms.

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