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If you are facing problems in your love life, worry not this problem is now very common. Some of the relations become successful but some face problems. You can consult our Vedic astrologer who can solve your love problem.

Our Vedic astrology services include Positivity & Mindfulness consultation, Horoscope Analysis, Work-Life Guidance, Mantra Therapy, etc. At VedicMonks, we have a team of the best Vedic astrologers in the USA who have the ability to help and solve all problems. Our relationship specialist has solved many such cases in the past in which they were able to unite lovers and stop divorce or break-ups.

Common Relationship Challenges That Led to Love Problem

  • Lack of communication is a major problem in relationships. Many couples are struggling to communicate with each other and it can negatively impact your relationship. 
  • If two people are in a relationship they will argue. Although a healthy argument is good for a relationship, too much argument is going to create problems in your relationship.
  • Taking each other for granted, many times people take their partner for granted. Because they presume that their relationship will last long. But this can increase problems in your relationship.
  • In a fight, many people don’t apologize to their partners for their mistakes. This is not healthy for any type of relationship.
  • Money can badly impact your relationship. If you are facing a shortage or feeling that your partner is overspending. This can create differences between you and your partner. 
  • Trust is the most foundation of any relationship, it takes years to earn someone’s trust. If you lose your partner’s trust, there is a chance that you lose your partner.
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How to Solve your Love Problem with Astrology

Solving love problems is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort to solve these problems. If you are dedicated to solving your problem then you can consult an expert astrologer who has great experience in solving love-related problems. When you find the best love astrologer, you can get your love relationship on the right track.

We have a team of expert astrologers who can solve your love-related problem easily. Our team has solved thousands of cases, so they know what they are doing. Love is very precious which fills our life with joy. But now everyone is facing some kind of love-related problem in their life. You have to give attention to your problem and try to solve it otherwise it can destroy your relationship. The best way to solve your love problem is to consult an astrologer. Vedic Monks are providing you with love problem solutions for many years. We can provide you with the best possible solution to your problem. Vedic monks also provide services like Love astrology, Horoscope analysis, Work-life Guidance, Birthstone analysis, Vedic astrology, etc.

Astrological Connection in a Love Relationship

If you have the same sun sign, there is a great chance that your relationship will last long. 

The fire signs Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries are well suited for each other. Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer easily connect with each other emotionally. Air sign Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini have good communication with each other.

But relationships are not today dependent on signs. Trust and mutual understanding play an important role in it. Sometimes everything feels right, but the relationship does not work out. This is because of planetary movements and stars that influence our relationships. Now I am going to tell you how astrology affects our relationship. Venus and Moon have an important role in a relationship, Moon tells us how instance a relation will be and Venus tells us about how sexual compatibility.

Here are some planetary combinations that can make it difficult for a relationship to last. For example, Venus with Mars or Saturn in this relationship, there is a great chance that this relationship will not last long. The placement of 12 Houses also affects relationships. There are four houses that are 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th that are known for love and desire. And 12th house represents sexual desire.

Improve Your relationship with Astrology

Astrology helps you understand your partner in many ways. If you feel like there is a communication gap between you and your partner. Mercury will be your best choice because it represents Communication and mental processes. Mars paly an important role in relationships, it tells us about how we relate to sex. If a couple is facing differences in sexual desires then you can look towards the placement of mars.

Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are water signs and they are emotional and share feelings with others. Pisces are creative and empathic, But must open up and let people in their life. In the initial stage of a relationship, Scorpio faces problems in knowing about their partner’s feelings. You have to be more focused on your partner. Cancer persons are known for loyalty and protectiveness. and they expect the same from their partner. You have to build trust with your partner.

Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are earth signs and they are self-sufficient and Reliable. Capricorn is more career-oriented. Sometimes they get lost in work so much that their partner feels lost. You have to maintain your love and work life. Virgo, you have to open up with your loved ones. And tell them what you want and how you are feeling. Taurus you have to be more flexible and come out of your comfort zone.

Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are fire signs and they are passionate and innovative. Sagittarius are open-minded but they fear commitment and this can harm their relationship. Aries can benefit from changing their habit of making decisions without consulting their partner. Leo always wants to be in the spotlight, because of this habit they disconnect with their partner. You have to give time to your relationship.

Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are air signs and known for their communication skills. Aquarius is known for being intelligent, free spirit and ready to solve any type of problem. But sometimes their partner may feel that they are a little controlling in a relationship. So need to solve this issue. Librans are known for sharing feelings with partners and like to keep things in balance. But they are afraid of commitment so their partner may feel insecure. Gemini’s are more expressive and social but they argue about small things.


Above we mention how you can solve your love problem through Astrology and how astrology is connected with relationships. In Vedic Monks, we have a team of expert astrologers who can solve your love-related problem very easily.

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