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As per Vedic astrology and Zodiac signs, this birthstone is very auspicious for those who were born in the month of Feb. Amethyst Birthstone is a gemstone that has the characteristics of preventing intoxication. It is a semi-precious gemstone that is often used as jewelry too. It is the traditional birthstone for those people who were born in the month of February.

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Amethyst Birthstone recommended by our experts is Lab Certified and will be customized as per your respective horoscope, which will determine the carat size required. It is recommended to buy gemstones only after consulting a Vedic Astrologer or Vedic Science Practitioner. Our Gemstones are activated with Vedic Mantra or Energy, through a process to manifest your expected wish to be fulfilled. The time and date to be worn will be declared by the Expert Practitioner at the time of e-meeting.

Amethyst birthstone is likely is one of the best stones among all birthstones in the world. as per Vedic astrologer, this stone has the capacity to guard you and protect you from different types of injuries, stress, depression, anxiety, and hurdles from your life. it also improves your aging problems and works on your skin and body.

Amethyst birthstone is also considered a lucky stone for many signs, it creates the door of wealth promotes you, and plays an important role in it.


  • Clarence Melton

    Beautiful Amethyst ring!! More prettier in person than on the picture. Very well made and the amethyst is decent size. Highly recommend it!

  • Simule Klean

    I bought this gem only because my wife suggested that I should wear an amethyst birthstone and I am happy to say that my wife has suggested that I wear this gemstone. Amethyst is like medicine for me and it also changes my nature. Initially, I avoid wearing stones or rings but after some time I feel some good changes in my daily life and health. Thanks, Vedic Monks for this effective and beneficial “Amethyst Birthstone”.

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