The natural Hidcote Lavender is sourced from our partners in France. Natural Incense cones are made by our self-help community of women and senior citizen groups. As per Vedic Science, we have kept the natural essence of shaping each cone with hands and then dipping. 

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Vedicmonk’s incense cones are non-toxic and have no use of any chemicals, helping the atmosphere, body, mind, and soul to relax. Our Incense sticks are all 100% natural and nontoxic to your senses. It emits smoke of natural sandalwood, herbs, and natural flowers.

Our Vedic organic lavender stick and cones are the benefits for many purposes such as medication, reducing stress and depression, etc. it impacts our limbic system that measures and controls all the emotions of our brain. and helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, etc.

Our lavender flower-made natural cones help to warm and relax your mind and put you in a state of peace of mind. it helps you to control emotions and place equality.

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