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The natural essence of sandalwood captured from our farms is hand-rolled in wooden sticks from the house of Vedic Realms. The sandalwood is sourced from Australia in its purest variety. As per Vedic Science, we have kept the natural essence of hand rolling the sticks and then dipping it in pure sandalwood oil for the best and natural element to be captured keeping health and environment in mind.

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Our Incense sticks are all 100% natural and organic with no toxic chemicals and elements present in them. Sweet and Natural in Quality this Incense is aromatic, organic compound that releases a good fragrance and fills your room with positivity and relaxation. Our Sticks are also used for Meditation and also burned in temples for Worshipping God. We feel proud when we are selling our product, as our product is 100% organic and it’s chemical-free. its fragrance is risk-free to breathe for small children and old age persons. Its fragrance helps you to motivate and keep the stress away around you. It has the ability to deliver regular germicides that helps to purify the air around you and give you Natural and good air quality, reduce the negative energies and decrease the air pressure and tension. 

So, if you are thinking yo buying these Natural Sandalwood Incense Sticks then you need to know some good things about them. These Natural Sandalwood Incense Sticks are made by hands and you feel this after using and smelling of its fragrance. These Sticks are popular for their Aroma and it soothes headaches. These Sticks are made of original flowers that came from the temple with the favor of God and dipped in the essential oils and stuff with all the Natural Herbs that are good for health. Shop Now and Get Best Deal on your Order. Buy Now.

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  • Johnthan Williams

    The fragrance of the sandalwood reminds me, mine India tour I’ve done 5 years ago. really !
    the fragrance relax me and fresh up my mood.

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