The natural Hidcote Lavender is sourced from our partners in France. Natural Incense sticks are all hand-rolled in wooden sticks from the house of Vedic Realms. As per Vedic Science, we have kept the natural essence of hand rolling the sticks and then dipping it in pure lavender oil for the best and natural element to be captured keeping health and environment in mind. 

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Our Incense sticks are all 100% natural and organic with no toxic chemicals and elements present in them. All the sticks are made of sacred temple flowers and are 100% natural essential oils. Natural incense sticks are made and rolled by our women’s flower cycles. All the sticks are 100% charcoal-free and dipped into natural essential oils. Our sticks are very safe to use, healthy to breathe, and it is best for a stress reliever. Natural Lavender Incense Sticks are natural air freshener and it helps you to increase the quality and positivity in the air. Natural Lavender Incense Sticks is the best way to keep yourself motivated and release all the stress. It spreads fragrance with positive energies in your home and in the workspace. 

So, if you are looking for sticks that change your whole area around you, then you reached the right place, where you got the Natural Lavender Incense Sticks, made from original things and essential oils, also it is handmade and all the Natural Herbals. You can get 30 sticks in each box with a free tray. Shop now to get the best deals on this product. Order now your’s and feel the Aroma around you and your home.

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