Shiva and the Vahana of the Shiva, the Nandi statue in bronze. It is good to keep the statue of Shiva and Nandi in-home or in the office. It protects us from all kinds of bad energies and spreads peace and happiness all around us. Shiva blessed our worshipers in the form of good wealth and good health. Anybody can place this in their house or office.


If you are looking for the Shiva Lingam with Nandi statue, then you must have to see our product. This Shiva Lingam is very good to keep in the home or in the office. Nandi is the true devotee of Lord Shiva. Worship of the Shiva Lingam gives you unity, harmony, good health, and guides the devotees to the spiritual path. Lingam word comes from the two Sanskrit laya (dissolution) and agaman (recreation).

The Lingam symbolizes both the creative and destructive power of the Lord and the attachment to its devotees. Lord Shiva is known as the most powerful God in Hinduism. Anybody can keep the Shiva Lingam at home or office. It protects us from all kinds of problems and troubles. Lord Shiva blessed us with good health and good fortune.

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