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Loban (Sambrani)is best for making your home fragrant, energetic, and attractive. An ayurvedic way of purifying the atmosphere around you at home and office. This herbal dhoop is made using natural Loban, natural flowers, natural herbs, and natural exotic fragrances. These Loban Dhoop Cups have light delicate fragrances of nature. These dhoop pooja cups promote longevity, harmonize the psycho-physical constitution, and enhance mental focus. It is preferred over your heavily used artificial air fresheners.

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Loban Cup is also called Sambrani Dhoop and is the best energy purifier of the atmosphere of your home and office. Loban fumes are a traditional and spiritual secret to uplift the positive energy level. This Loban Dhoop is used for centuries by saints and kings. These Dhoop-ups are also very good at healing and giving us the comfort of peace and happiness. This can be used in religious programs, and you can use it to change the atmosphere of your home. These Dhoop cups bring inspiration and creativity. It can also help to attract Love, wisdom and helps to ease stress.

These Dhoop cups will continuously burn up to 8 to 10 hours. The fragrance of these Dhoop will refresh your room all day. These Dhoop cups used in medicine study the first phase of Ayurveda, which uses incense as an approach to healing all the problems and diseases. Loban Dhoop is used for the treatment of your cough, asthma, TB, and the common cold.

The Loban Dhoop cups are considered to be aiding the fight against stress and anxiety in daily life. These Loban Dhoop cups had become a huge part of the spiritual lifestyle. These Dhoop cups are made with the natural fragrance of flowers, and all organic elements. There is no risk to breathe its fragrance and it comes with zero side effects. Buy this product from VedicMonks and get the best deals at reasonable prices.

  • Tom Ellis

    Oh my god !! fragrance of loban is so fasinating. I Used this in my living room, and, the fragrance acorss my whole house. I used this generally, after morning walk, and evening. help to relex my mind and release all the stress. Love This product, Thanks Vedicmonk form this lovely product.

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