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All ingredients that are in use while making these rose dhoop cups are 100% natural and non-toxic. These have a long-lasting doop that produces smoke lesser than other brands dhoop. use them while you medicate, sitting in living rooms, working at the office these make you feel positive and energized

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According to the many holy books, we use these dhoops since 2200 years ago to stop all the negative energy in our life. still, nothing has changed yet. we still used this stuff to remove all the hurdles in our life. The Vedic rose dhoop cups are made with 100% original elements and without using any toxic element in them. Ours’s all pooja dhoops produce less smoke and make the environment-friendly, positive, and peaceful. apply the rose dhoops in your living area, personal room, or office places to help you to relax and increase your focus ability.

You can use the rose dhoop cup while medication, studying, worshipping working, etc. we can use these doops according to our’s needs. all products such as Vedic Doops, oil, perfume, sope, vermilion, etc are under the guidance of experienced guruji and experts.

After using our dhoops you will find that your sleep capacity is increased, it’s developed your mood in a positive way, reduce your anxiety and stress, feels mind fresh up every time, etc.

  • leo

    The fragrance of Rose’s is absolutely incredible. Some time i wonder, That i am in a roses garden. Packaging was really good and delivery in on time. i Gave them 5 Out Of 5 for there Service and Product.

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