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Buy 100% Original jasmine-made Pooja Cups. here is the best way to purify your home and office area. use a jasmine pooja cup to make a pleasurable environment. the jasmine is one of the favorite flowers of lord hanuman and shiva. it also helps you to stay focused and peaceful. worshipping by using jasmine pooja cup help to get blessed by Lord Shiva & Hanuman.

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The jasmine flower is not just a flower or medicine. It has a strong connection to Hindu rituals. according to the ritual, jasmine is the favorite flower of the Lord Hanuman and offering flowers and red vermilion to the hanuman solves all the hurdles of your life and makes it wealthy long-lasting, and helps to guard the negative energy.

Jasmine is one of the favorite flowers of Lord Shiva, worshipping with jasmine to shiva make your life long healthy and wealthy and fulfill all the goals of your life.

Jasmine pooja cups are able to stay focused on your work and make your atmosphere natural & positive.

  • matt gari

    I love the fregrance of jasmine. these Pooja Doop cups are amazing and fuc fact, these little cute cups. I just fall in love with them.

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