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Our Vedic mix Doop Cups are made with a 100% ayurvedic way of purifying the atmosphere around you at home and office. Our Mix Vedic herbal dhoop is made using natural Loban, natural flowers, natural herbs, and natural exotic fragrances. These Mixed dhoop pooja cups promote longevity, harmonize the psycho-physical constitution, and enhance mental focus. It is preferred over your heavily used artificial air fresheners.

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If you are looking for Dhups for a home to get fragrant all around. Check out Our Vedic Mix Dhoop Cups made with all types of fragrances, you loved these. You can use these Dhoop cups for doing pooja. These small Mix Dhoop Cups are cute and it has many benefits. You can also use these Mix Dhoop Cups as a fragrance in your home.  All the ingredients of this product are purely organic, non-toxic, and ozone friendly. This can be lit by putting camphor on the top to keep its smoke filling your rooms for erasing negativity and relaxing your mind and soul.

You can use this Dhoop in doing yoga, meditation, and making your environment pleasant and aromatic thus contributing to peace and tranquility. These Mix Dhoop Cups can be used for a religious ceremony, it will make you feel comfortable and spread the Aroma around you. 

These Mix Dhoop Cups are all handmade and the ingredients are used in making this are natural and organic. It is safe to breathe and it gives you good vibes and peace. Our Vedic mixed Doop cup is long-lasting and it gives you around 8 hours of fragrance in your home, office, or any place. These Mix Dhoop Cups are made with natural flowers that give you the real and best quality of fragrance. Buy this tiny but amazing product from VedicMonks and get the benefit of the best deals on it.

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    My Neighbor asked me today, Which Fregrance i used in my house. The fragrance of mix flowers Doop is amazing. It felt like heaven on earth. Really this product is Awesome. I’m gonna by another one, last Friday. buy this product guy for once.

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